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  • Full Race Andrew ·
    Hey I would like to run a 245 on my car with a set of RPF-1's I was going to buy 17x9 +35 and machine them down to +40. Im fully adjutable on suspension height camber everything. I want to run about -2 degrees in the front and about -1.5 to -2 in the rear I plan on road racing so I cant go to crazy in the rear on camber.
    CodyRyne ·
    Right on. I was looking at the megan test pipe. Figured that would be decent to match up. You run a defouler on it?
    CodyRyne ·
    Hey man, I was just curious, I saw on a post by you that you had stock header, test pipe and vibrant catback. I was looking into getting just a test pipe to go along with my vibrant catback. Does it get louder with the test pipe and did you notice any difference? Let me know homie. thanks
    vf1si ·
    Cool. If you know of any good/cheap roll center adjusters, rigid collars, and spherical bearings lmk. Gonna try everything I can suspension-wise before moving beyond my 235/40/17s.
    vf1si ·
    Haha sup mang? Thought you were gonna start tracking again during the summer? Thought I might see you at some events. Hit up Chuckwalla last week and it was pretty sweet. @&$!ers lost all of the Saturday lap times so I don't even know how I did. Sigh. Hope school is going ok for ya man. Take care.
    domo09 ·
    Hey bro how did u fit 18x10 on ur civic with out to much poke....did u do some body work or shaved it.....i asked around but no one gives my answer...lol...
    jrotax101 ·
    I hear ya. Congrats on graduating btw.
    I live just outside of Atlanta.. so quite a bit further south than you. I hardly see any modded Si's around. Just bone stock ones. Kinda done with it though. I'm driving a 96 civic lx daily lol
    jrotax101 ·
    So - I clicked on your wall to see what you're up to lately and saw that you installed endlinks and it messed with your toe?

    What else did you remove? If you removed nothing, then make sure you have no preload on the rear ARB. AFAIK that's the only thing that will affect tire wear.

    Still got the Si?
    fg2churppin ·
    well how much are we looking at for only the brackets and how much for both?
    might be smarter if i just save up, get both done by u, then go get an alignment from evasive right away and ask them to put their time attack si setup on my car :giggle:

    this is random but can u install clutches/fylwheels aswell?
    my clutch is engaging way late, i have a feeling it going to die soon..
    fg2churppin ·
    CorSport: CorSport - 8000.001
    i can get u pictures of the endlinks from my cell phone tomorrow if ud like.
    from what i read in a rsb thread is that drilling is optional and that it should bolt up with out doing so.
    i suppose ill hold off on the endlinks since ill need another alignment...im actually trying to find a really really good shop that can get me a nice custom alignment for 'track' or 'canyon' driving...evasive is a option but not sure yet.
    fg2churppin ·
    its the progress rsb. the brackets are from corsport and the endlinks are a diy that mikey helped me get online.
    the coils are n+ id hate for u to uninstall then reinstall them since i just got an alignment...i tightened the top hats in the front in the process of doing the same to the rear and see if that helps..
    its like a click clack type of sound when going slow over bumps..
    fg2churppin ·
    no problem, i hear you im trying to slow down on the mods aswell..
    hey quick question i have these reinforced brackets and end links for my rsb i was wondering how much it would run me if u put them on?
    i also got coils off Jay, i dunno if he didnt put them on right or the pre load isnt right but the rear makes alot of noise and its bugging me cant figure out what it is and no one on the BC thread on here is helping...on top of all this its hella stiff and bouncy, only 3 in the rear and 4 in the front..
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