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  1. The Ultimate Seat Info Thread

    Inside and Out
    Brides are worth it
  2. E85 = Awesomeness

    Forced Induction And Nitrous
    how much whp gain did you see, any loss in gas mileage?
  3. DIY : FD2 Hazard Button

    DIY Honda Civic Interior Style Mods
    putting your hazards on when you win = being a sore winner, i did this because im still a winner >:D
  4. Fullrace Exhaust

    Exhaust Discussion
    ive got a coupe adapter, i need a sedan one, ill sell or trade the coupe one
  5. 2006+ Civic K20 Skunk2 Cold Air Intake

    Auto City Imports
    shipped to 33024 sir?
  6. Pure White interior LEDs!

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    nice.. no difference with a sedan im guessing?
  7. sedan vs coupe headlights

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    I HAVE BRAND NEW OEM COUPE HEADLIGHTS FOR SALE pm if anyones intrested..