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  • Bemo ·
    Sent 2 emails and havent gotten a response yet. Interested in buying some stuff from you if possiblt.
    vtechrex ·
    I was wondering if you guys do discounts on your c.u.t kit and if you guys will lower price if I didn't want the exhaust
    KramVT08SI ·
    Hey Mo, How's it going you PM box was full so I thought I'd leave a message here...I've been watching your guys work for awhile and have always been a fan of your kits. I used to be supercharged ct stg 2 and have since removed it a couple months ago and planning to get some real power! My mind is set on your kit. I was wondering if you could give me an estimate of a price for the cut kit...I already have some components.

    I do not need the gauges, 4bar, solenoid, walbro or flashpro...could you give me an estimate on what kind of price i'd be looking at for a kit without those options and with the standard 5857 turbo as well as an estimate for the ball bearing 5857? Thanks man! really looking forward to entering the world of turbo once I get my finances together.
    Yoklus ·
    whats the code that pops up on flashpro when you get to about 20lbs? how do you get around that, i was told u no the code
    Yoklus ·
    Mo whats up. What all do you need in order to make a 5 speed work with our cars. EP3 tranny? Just straight bolt on or need other stuff??
    MidnightFG2 ·
    Hey Mo, its Josh, figured I would let you know this is another way to contact me if you need me, deployment thing kinda sucks for contacting people. Anyway if you get this before I call you next go ahead and add the black coating to the IC for me. I want thei bish to be sleeper as possible.
    Yoklus ·
    Mo, what do you think. With my PPG gears and stock 5/6 with a 4.3 FD you think that would be good? or what do you think would be best?
    TaffetaCivySi ·
    What is the difference between the DIY Kit and the Regular Kit? I am trying to figure out all the stuff I need to get before purchasing things. Do the kits come with a clutch or other necessary things that the kit will inflict upon? I am trying to also keep my psi at a around 6-8. (Fuel Econ concerns and engine reliability) How much bhp am I looking at? Thanks.
    Will06SI ·
    Whats up MO i already have FP so i figured i can use that money to upgrade the Turbo in your revised cut kit what is the next level Turbo that's ball bearing ?
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