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  • Swank ·
    For sure, always happy to help! Here is the link Super Bright LEDs but LEDs are much more common now than when I first did this mod so you might be able to find them locally at an electronics component store. Let me know if the link doesn't work. If i did the mod again I'd use superflux LEDs or small strips for bigger and better glow, Brwose the site though, you're on the right track :)
    palstriders ·
    Hello, I know I'm gigging up bones here, I'm a brand new member an would love your assistance with the following regarding your LED's in your head and tail lamps. You mentioned 5mm LED's. I've looked on the website you referenced and can't find the product. Can you provide a link that I could use? Your glow is sick. What makes it particularly awesome is your creativity.
    khb008 ·
    Hey Swank,
    I saw your Youtube video with the car before I even knew about this site and I was blown. That got me searching and I'm glad i've found you here. I just have two questions for you:
    1) Did you have to alter the actual Headlight Housing to get the LED's to shine outward? i'm thinking about having an LED strip, any tips?

    2) Are you wiring internal/external LED separately?

    Please take a look at my thread if you have time, I just posted it recently since I needed help:

    Sexy Mod-Agenda...Please Help!
    Swank ·
    There are a variety of LED products used for my interior, I get them all from LEDs - underbody kits, cathodes, flexible LED strips, dome lights
    Swank ·
    I just put regular 5mm orange LEDs inside, they can easily withstand the hottest sir temp that can blow out of there.
    slicknick1 ·
    Hey which direction did you point the led's in your head lights cuz I found just by sticking an led through the light hole that it glows better when point towards the back of the headlight towards all the chrome. i have my head lights apart right now, clearing, and wanting to throw some led's in there myself. Thanks man
    Swank ·
    While there are subs designed specifically for free air set ups, I've always used regular subs and they sound really good.
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