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  1. Hondata calibration

    the aemv2 claibration should do just fine till you get a pro tune. i ran that calibration for a while till i got tuned and zero issues
  2. Back into a 8th!

    Introduction & Pictures
    Sick fa5! I have a 2007 Si same color but a coupe:( How much did the paint job add up to?My hood and roof are starting to peel bad and i wanna see how much of a bite my wallets gonna take.
  3. 06 Civic Ex shifts weird

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Sounds like the trasmission is slipping. Perhaps try replacing the AT fluid see if that helps.
  4. AT fluid change? hard 1-2-1 shifts 08 civic 1.8

    Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Perhaps drain and fill? Im only sayin this from experience as my car had a notchy 2nd and 3rd gear when cold and once I filled it up with new mtf fluid, the issue went away.
  5. Adapter Flange

    Header Discussion
    I recently bought a used Alpha header but it came with no adapter flange to bolt the header to my OEM exhaust. Anyone happen to know how to work around this?
  6. New Member!

    Introduction & Pictures
    Recently picked up a blue Fg2 and have been using this site for any DIY references. Does anyone happen to know where I can post questions? Im in need of answers atm