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  • faizan.mumtaz ·
    hey man i saw your thread about accord horns. iv been researching and cant seem to find the answer but i have a '11 si. im pretty sure it has a dual horn. will the accord horns fit perfectly for my car? no splicing or anything required? im assuming an 09 accord horn?
    i saw your post!!! i have a 2007 si hatch back i made misatke of putting full exhaust from headers back wheni lived in Texas. i recently moved to california and whoaaaa...... my cat alone is like 1k any suggestions on how to get me back on the road as cheap as possible....thank you man anything will help
    kintoosemoose ·
    My 08 sedan si has been hesitating very badly when the engine is cold and stops hesitating, for the most part, when warmed up. It has over 93,000 miles and I am a little skeptical about everyone saying it is just the way the motor is because it never did this until recently. I spoke with a Honda tech and he said it may be dirty injectors. Any advice? Thank you very much!
    McMelloHonda ·
    hey I saw your post about the accord horn upgrade and I have all the parts to do it, but the thread pics you posted have been deleted and that's all I need to be comfortable with this project. would you be able to send me the pics or tell me which wire (color) is the one I am splicing?
    mxp03 ·
    hello! can you help me with this issue.. i have a 4dr LX and I changed the stock strut for Si strut and left the stock spring. However i have the feeling that the spring will overpower the stiff strut from the Si... should i get an Si spring for the suspension system to work fine or not? what are the possible sideeffects if i leave it like this.... thanks!
    mattsbobo ·
    FUUUUUUUUUU... I just saw your totaled/part out thread. I'm so sorry to hear about your wreck. My 06FG2 was t-boned in the driver door and demolished by a 17 year old chick in her daddy's Mustang GT, so I totally feel your pain. :bighug:
    fid3L ·
    Hey man I was wondering how much would you sell me the two big white clips that lights up the license plate on the back? please do let me know, Im in need of those two items!
    Will06SI ·
    I am running the AEM V2 cai right now with a stock TB and no P2R spacer but i want to just run a single P2R thermal gasket on the stock TB do you think its worth it ?
    Mikey6p ·
    And where does she get off asking a bunch of civic nerds for fashion advice? No wonder her husband makes her wear clothes she doesnt want to.
    R18A1 AT KING ·
    Hey I no this was from a post from last year but what did the dealership say about the ticking in drive wile at a standstill my auto is doing the same thing
    B MAN ·
    i know i saw :think:

    idk if i wanna get involved with splitting the headlights open again

    the truth is that my headlight casing is SCRATCHED not oxidized.. i think last time i baked it i left something in it, or i put it down too fast or something and put some light scratches in it
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