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  • imjusmi ·
    hey man what headlights are those you have on the silver si.. i really like them and i cant find them anywhere online
    vupham74 ·
    Thx Bro....Last question, so people with exact size wheel rubbing and having to roll fenders and cut etc..becuz no camber kits&bolts or incorrect tire size, or the Japanese guy that put the car together was blowed off too much saki and made some cars with wider fenders than others, and were the lucky one...=] THX BRO!
    vupham74 ·
    Did you have your front or rear fenders rolled to fit the cr kai 17x9 +38 to fit?Camber kit, Camber bolts...etc?I want to get same size and rim on a si sedan, but i've seen some with same specs that poke but yours look perfect.Appreciate it if you let me know how i'd be able to get similiar flushed look as your ride
    locoej ·
    Hey bro, is your Android rooted? I am having a hard time downloading themes for it, and I need some help lol.
    USDMK20 ·
    you're gonna need to roll the fenders. the nsx spec regas are 17x9 +38 in the front and i had 245/40 and i need a 5mm spacer because it was hitting my coilover. the rear i wouldnt be trying a 245. i had a 235/45 in the rear and it was barely clearing with the 17x8 +35
    realxlai ·
    camber doesn't help, at -3 you're a millimeter or so from the gas line. so you either have to raise the car or shave that bumper tab area. Some people tried bending the tab up to minimize the rubbing. the 235/45 will be fatter too plus the wheels you're trying to fit are closer inward already too
    08nightblacksi ·
    you would need s2000 rotors, bore out the TWO holes on the bracket to a little over 1/2 inch drill bit, approx 20mm spacer or test and try to find what size you need to fit you rims by putting your rim on there and measuring the space. btw how did you know i have brembos?
    VitViper ·
    Yes... Cobb is unfinished product that has been abandoned by the manufacturer. It's a horrible product. Everyone that has switched from Cobb to FP has loved it, especially after one of my tunes :giggle:
    SiRyan ·
    Go to home depot and ask for garage door liner/trim and some 3m double sided tape, we can get some when we do the shoot=)
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