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  • fedyfedz ·
    Hey man I saw alot of your post's and loved your diy for porting the IM. I cant seem to find a place on long island that will do this for me.

    Do you port IM for our cars or was it just a diy for yourself?

    If you can let me know a place I can bring it or if you could do I would pay. Im looking for the exact procedure to be done that you did in this link:

    DIY: Shaving and Porting Intake Manifolds

    any info would be appreciated,


    courtlolster ·
    I saw your post regarding the TSI oil return thread pitch. There weren'
    t any answers in the thread, but i'm wondering if you had found out what that thread pitch was? I plan on doing the same thing, using SS line and fittings instead of TSI's line.
    OBX4life ·
    Hey bud, think you could link me to where you bought your Dayco belt? Can't seem to find a dealer online anywhere.
    maxxnitro88 ·
    Hey man, so i recently bought a manifold and downpipe off a guy on here and after searching around a bit i was wondering if it may have been yours at any point along the way...

    here are some pics, i have a v-band turbo on there now, but the downpipe had a 5 bolt to v-band adaptor that came with it.


    i noticed the recirculated wastegate had been removed on the dp and i though i read somewhere that you were planning on doing that so i figured id ask for what it may be worth.

    thanks for any extra info on it if you have any.
    dnorris89 ·
    Could you possibly send me the link or dimensions of the intercooler you ran that fits behind the crash beam. I remember you saying you cut the beam
    And it work.
    46074 ·
    Dan!! Sorry for asking u this late, but would you mind leaving me feedback on the fitting I sold u? I already left you one :)
    dil2502 ·
    i removed it because i got rid of the whole battery tray but needed something to hold the overflow tank lol
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