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  • HLeasy ·
    thank you sir..Dan at ccw is encouraging me to buyem..soo tempting lol
    but yea if u had experience with them, then ill give it a shot..thanks for the reply

    i almost forgot, could you go really low on these coils?
    HLeasy ·
    hey ive notice you sold ur bc racing coils a while ago, jus wanted to know if they were good coils, ride comfort, stifness, etc..? im debating to rather change from my n+'s to the bc racing..lmk thanks
    asianskater91 ·
    oh i see, and yeah man i wanna see what it looks like lol
    and yeah standard is way funner lol

    and yeah bro they look good! if i cant sell them then i might just get the wheels powder coat them some color to cover all the knicks and fix the curbage, my gf's dad powder coats so he will let me sand blast them and powder coat them for jus the cost of the powder :nerd: but they look great silver, you cant see any of the knicks

    just wish peeps would buy them

    and im gonna jus get like 17x8 +35 and run a 215/40 lol
    asianskater91 ·
    oh i didnt know they hav ebetter resale lol
    but oh wow, thats kinna ghay about the windows, but you dont even have doors so it dont matter lolol

    and wow 6th gear in a jeep? i thoght they had 4 at the max :nerd:
    heres a side shot btw

    asianskater91 ·
    dude your missing doors! wtf hahahah seriously tho, why are your doors off? lolol
    and oh wow, shitty gas milage, super expensive tires, whats next?! hahaha
    asianskater91 ·
    oh wow, nice jeep man! looks real nice!
    got any side shots?

    and yeah when you said that, the pic didnt load so thats why i just put "lmao wassup man?" but the pic looks good, how much are those tireS?!
    asianskater91 ·
    i always thought it would be tight if i bought like a 98 mustang gt and made it super fast, but like im asian so i mean it would look funny ya know? lol

    but yeah sounds good and lmfao!!!
    asianskater91 ·
    oooooh my gawd bro! you could of got a ford ranger for way cheaper! lol
    i kinna want to get a mustang cobra! OMG lol

    and yeah i know what you mean oh well, at least ill be styling lol
    asianskater91 ·
    haha how much is a new jeep wrangler? arent they in like the 30ish range?!

    and what?! no dude, do your car for you, not no one on a forum
    they wont even see your car anyways ya know? from pics yeah but nothing else

    idk jus my point of view, but my car is gonna be looking ballin soon tho :nerd:
    asianskater91 ·
    ok so its not a car, not a truck, not a motorcycle, not a atv...hmmmm

    im at a loss of...thoughts lol

    give me a hint man! idk what else there can be if its not a car, truck, or motorcycle lol
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