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  • dkaise4 ·

    I read a post that you have installed an AEM Oil Pressure gauge, I have one and I have not hooked it up.. Can you help me out?
    Mugen_Ni ·
    Hey Rulo, I saw that you have a ASP 4-1 header on your rsx-s. Do you think that if I switch from my Skunk2 Mega header to ASP 4-1 would I see any gain and is it worth the switch?
    JDMlove ·
    I was reading your thread about your go power cams and I've talked to a guy that builds Hondas and he swears up and down you have to drop the motor to redegree the exhaust cam I was wondering if you had to do this or not your numbers are very impressive and I have all the mods you do not including the cams and your thread has lead me to wanting them
    Nik ·
    hello rulo! my name is nicolas , im from argentina, friend of orangeclockwork user ( diego) he tell me to contact with you because i want to buy toda racing cams a3 stage 2, my Civic Si (k20z3) have this modes now...

    invidia header +skunk2 megapower RR 76mm 3" TB acura tsx, RRC manifold , hondata gaskets, Injen CAI , hondata tuning by ORANGECLOCKWORK. (DIEGO MY FRIEND) . now i want to put the toda racing a3 stage 2 cams, with a metal headgasket 0,3mm to increase a little more compression .. with this cams waht valve train you recomend me to buy?? you like this mod i want to do now ?? i see your posts here and dyno results and i like it ! if not i thinkg go power ksi , but i think that toda its better.. if you can tell me your opinion i will thank you! chears ! nik ! and sorry for my english... sucks! jajaja.
    Da_Last_FiJi_08 ·
    Dimelo berdugaso! I've tried calling you multiple times. Forget about the poor bro lol hope all is well with you and your family. Hope to here from you soon.
    mickeysi ·
    Hey I was wondering about a tune but I want a reflash cause all I got is a short ram intake and strup racing header and looking into a Megan mid pipe or just getting a cat back and I was wondering how much it would be to reflash it to my mods lmk asap
    Si_madness ·
    hey Rulo wassup? I'm trying to call Tony @ RPMNYC & the number they have on their website said its out of service.

    can u provide me with an updated number. Well before i call i think my CAT is screw up & was thinking a custom downpipe (i have greddy turbo w skunk2 70mm exhaust) would u recommend that?

    thank you.
    BxBluSIcoupe ·
    Whats up rulo, I'm interested in a dyno tune was wondering what are the rates for your services? I'm NA with basic bolt-ons injen cai/skunk2 header/magnaflow exhaust and will be adding an rrc/ j35 combo and maybe 3'exhaust.
    smw22792 ·
    Hey rulo: Quick question:

    Okay, currently I have a K&N SRI, and a q300 exhaust. I plan to get an Invidia header. I was thinking about getting a skunk2 intake manifold, and the 72mm throttle body. In you honest opinion, is it worth spending almost 1000 dollars for the skunk2 parts? Will I see a big enough gain to warrant 1000 dollars?

    I was talking to Vit, and he recommended I stay with the RBC, and look into a TSX throttle body. I don't plan to get cams because it's my DD. Oh yeah, and yes I have flashpro. I just want to get some input from all the tuners on the forum.

    Any input would help me sleep at night lol. Thank you.
    spdandpwr ·
    2 things:

    1) def need to get on your guy's dyno for a tune -- my numbers aren't doing the rrc/j35 upgrade justice...I'm going to get a 3" exhaust installed before I go, I think
    2) need rpm to get back to me...to be frank, I almost think they don't want to work on my car -- which is weird cause I only said positive things about the install experience with those guys
    0720Steve ·
    what would you say is a "quiet" 3"? considering swappin out my q300. but would like to stay as quiet as possible. at least in compared to my vibrant.
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