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  1. GT3076R Full-Race Turbo Kit F/S :(

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Kits FS
    Awww, screw that guy. Who uses rileyrat as a handle anyhow?
  2. Its not a civic..

    Introduction & Pictures
    Nitpicking I know but this TL has a J32 not the C32. Something like another 25hp and a touch more punch. Downfall is it doesn't take well to performance mods due to it's ECUs difficulty to be tuned unlike the C32s.
  3. Mugen Visors

    King Motorsports Unlimited
    I've had these for roughly 3 years now and have loved them every minute. My car has seen everything from the summer sun of El Paso to the winter snow of Colorado and these things have held up tremendously. In fact you can see where these protected the tint on top of my windows while the rest...
  4. Intake design and test

    Intake & Spacer Discussion
    Good work trying something new just seems the Si is doomed to meh intake choices for daily driving, or going with one of the super bling set-ups like PW:JDM. I have an SRI in right now but not real happy with the performance and the roads here often put me in positions that could possibly...
  5. Blackknight103's Partout *SoCal* (Part 2)

    Parting Out
    Stop lowballing guys, got my Buddy Club RH today and it's in sick good shape. He had it as 8/10, only thing "wrong" with it is the heat coloring and you can't avoid that.
  6. OKC/Edmond/Norman (OKLAHOMA!!!) chat thread

    True, but I was kinda hoping the underdog would pull out something I guess.
  7. OKC/Edmond/Norman (OKLAHOMA!!!) chat thread

    They killed a few vehicles. CobbTuning.com - 7/6/10 - COBB Tuning AccessPORT Product Line Consolidation Narrows down my tuning selection a bit now doesn't it? :ohsnap:
  8. Blackknight103's Partout *SoCal* (Part 2)

    Parting Out
    I DID! GL with the rest man, honestly it's a lot of nice parts that look to be in amazing condition.
  9. OKC/Edmond/Norman (OKLAHOMA!!!) chat thread

    I'm here homie :woowoo: I think someone (maybe you) is trying to get it up and going as I found a slip of paper under my wiper telling me to check here. I'm the GGM FA5 with the Mugen visors.
  10. FS: Seibon hoods, fenders, side skirts, trunks, rear spoilers

    Interior & Exterior FS
    Original post date 08-04-2009....IDK, maybe the deal is over?
  11. Blackknight103's Partout *SoCal* (Part 2)

    Parting Out
    And it's only a matter of time til the BCRH is in my hands :woowoo: Payment sent bro! This and a 09 swap all at the same time...this lil GGM sedan just might end up sexy!
  12. F/S: IPS K2 Mark2 Cams =)

    Engine & Transmission FS
    Sucks, can't afford these right now due to my other projects but they are the exact cams I want to use later on... (free bump in other words)
  13. Blackknight103's Partout *SoCal* (Part 2)

    Parting Out
    Emailed you about Buddy Club race header.
  14. In Memory of Tobie Cook (sh33t_of_p4p3r) Decal

    Inside and Out
    Just ordered one, it will find a good home on my PW:JDM cooling plate sticker bomb project.
  15. Considering Eibach Sportline springs w/ Tokico HP's on FA1

    Suspension and Brakes
    Thread has been dead for a bit but w/e. I have been riding on the Sportlines for about 1.5 years now. The drop looks better than the Prokits IMO, and if you pair with a decent shock I'm sure your ride will be much nicer than mine as mine is tolerable at best. I've scraped pretty bad about 1-2...