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  • dereck5475 ·
    Hey Rasky,

    Any tips on to how to clean up exterior blemishes

    I also have a few dried up glossy spots (I think it came from sugar? I dont know..) on my front trim.
    RitcheyRch ·
    Tried to send you a PM but your PM box is full.

    Which part of your seats is perforated? What color is the stitching. Classic Soft Trim says it is wine colored.
    jamman ·
    Hi Rasky
    I had sent you a prior message but i'm not sure if i'm sending the visitor messages right so thought i'd try again. I have done further investigation into my issue which is what i thought was clear coat failure on about 8 different areas of dull paint. However, I had a local body shop look at it and they said it is due to a bad wet sand job - they say they can definitely fix it - in your experience, can an improrper wet sand me properly fixed to get back to the factory quality paint?
    Thanks for your time
    074doorSI ·
    Hey Chad, it's Phil.

    Do you still do detailing? I'm thinking about getting my accord cleaned up nice.

    Are you still in Shakopee? I saw your house was for sale a while ago.

    Give me a call
    HondaFamilyMan ·
    Hey Chad, You detailed my Black Si a few years back. I moved to Madison, WI last year and I am in need of a detail, but I am not willing to go just anywhere, any recos or referrals for the Madison area? -Jon
    anthonyy ·
    my left headlight looks like it has a bunch of waterspots and i have no idea on how to remove them. can you please give me tips on how. thank you.
    text me at 9162301893 if you can
    Grimmjow ·
    Hello Rasky, going to have a meet soon with my Mugen and was wonder what to use and prepare before the meet? what brand should I use the most for a every weekend cleaning the car exterior? (I hand wash my car) I was planing to clay bar/polish /wax but really don't know what order come first..but I know wax is last. Thank you in advance

    TOXICx213x ·
    Hey whats up bro how u doing? Well anyways Ive been checking out P.A.C and saw this for sale. Porter Cable 7424XP Ultimate Detailing Machine and the Meguiar's G110V2 Dual-Action Machine Polisher which one do u think is better or in other words " best bang for your buck".
    vitamin water ·
    yup, i figured the same thing... they're great for people who dont "detail" their cars. But i put wayy too much work into my car for it to be scratched up by a $10 swiffer wanabe.
    vitamin water ·
    Im sure you've been asked before but... whats your take on th California Car duster? Im kinda thinking it may create some of those swirl scratches, it "says" that it does not scratch... however im thinking that may not be entirely true...
    TOXICx213x ·
    Yeah everyone on there is really informative n really wise. Quick question I'm about to purchase a polisher and was thinking in buying the Porter cable 7424. Have u used it any pros or cons? I'm a noob n never used a Polish machine. All the work I've done has been done by hand.
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