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  • Heckler88 ·
    Early in the year I made a poll to have the new location for 2103, I emailed my past organizers for their opinion on the move, I dint hear back from them for months so me not knowing what they would want to do I made the decision based on the results of the poll. A month or so later some ppl in NY became upset that the meet was being moved bc that's where it started and they wanted to keep I there, so that's where the second thread came and why there are now 2 meets for 2013.
    MyK20Z3 ·
    Dude for sure you should go if its practical for you haha. Yeah i plan on driving about 14-17 hours per day, but I will have a passenger with me. Im not gonna drive through the night but more get up early mornings like 4-6 am. Im making some sight seeing stops like the grand canyon and petrified forest and also washing dc to visit an aunt i have there. Im new to the scene and wanna just experience the atmosphere and community. Im hoping I will have my turbo build finished before hand. Its always cool to meet new people too
    Will06SI ·
    It performs flawless i have no complaints.

    At this point i would def do a tranny fluid flush it will cost you like $35 in materials.
    cpraetsch ·
    i remember your car. you were closer to the back entrance. I still check in here every once in a while. Where did you go?
    RAWsushiii ·
    trust me you're gonna want to go as early as possible. there are people that are leaving around midnight and will get there around 3-4 AM to line up.. theres always people there EARLY much earlier before gates open. have fun
    BcZay ·
    lol yea they look nice but no pop. i want something that stands out. and plus everybody has those
    BcZay ·
    yea now that its getting nicer out i think imma start them back up.. ill let you know soon.. BTW im selling my wheels im going to be posting up a thread soon as well. i havent been spending to much time on the forum latley
    xsomassstylex ·
    Petco Parkinglot Meet

    Saturday, March 31, 2012
    4pm to 7pm

    Petco Parking Lot, 1309 W Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842

    Monthly Petco Meets kicking off the 2012 season! All makes and models welcome. PLEASE no burnouts, racing, fighting, shooting, fireworks, selling crack cocaine, ect. We have a good reputation there and the Police do not bother us as long as everyone is well behaved. Thank you.
    Nick3237 ·
    Thule XT Wind Fairing, t872xt 1 71.95
    870xt, 871xt, 872xt,
    873xt - 44" Fairing
    Thule 400xtr Rapid Aero t400xtr 1 147.95
    Foot Pack
    Thule Rapid Aero Load trb53 1 107.95
    Bars - Thule 53" Rapid
    Aero Load Bars, Pair
    Thule Fit Kit for 400, tfk2171 1 62.95
    400xt, 400xtr Aero Foot
    Packs - Fit Kit 2171
    Thule 516 Prologue Fork t516 1 80.95
    Mounted Bike Roof Rack -
    Bicycle Carrier
    Thule Xadapt9 Adapter for txadapt9 1 12.95
    516, 517, 518 and 594
    Bicycle Racks
    Thule 544 Lock Cores, 4 t544 1 48.95

    Subtotal 533.65
    Coupon discount (travel2) -53.37
    Total 480.28
    Nick3237 ·
    thanks man, i bought it through rackwarehouse.com. here's my invoice if you want to get the same exact setup. i think i was able to get a discount through them too, total was $480 but well worth it. you can disregard the bike carrier.
    BcZay ·
    Hey man. Tell them other guys to come on over, trust me colt state park is really nice I'm pretty sure you will all love it. Let me kno.
    08cikvic85 ·
    theres still gonna be a meet i guess just found out that the hondas of new enlgand site is gonnna be there so ill see who is rolling up there and fill ya in if ya still wanna go.
    08cikvic85 ·
    yeah i did the emblems myself its very easy if you ever need help ill do that for ya. its basically taping it off and making sure to place it on even the front is pretty easy to. russians? hmmmmm might have to check that out lol
    08cikvic85 ·
    haha yea it looks better in the sun when its clean. i see you every now and again over near the RI mall. i really like the color of your car. any mods yet?
    mcwheels ·
    Hey, sorry it took me a while, been preparing for the show. The show is in Epping, NH. Since the next huge city near it is Boston, it is being called a Boston-area show.
    ek2fg ·
    Hey man, I get it all the time why dont you just get a ps3, whenever my 360 takes a turn for the worse. So I guess I took it out on ya a lil, just tired of hearing ps3 is better, when most know damn well better its not. (unless you consider the bluray the determinating factor not the actual gaming) I've grown up w/ nintendo, sega and playstation consoles, never once owned or liked the original xbox. (Plus at that time the only game to play was Gaylo) Yea I love Sony products always have, its good sh!t. Just IMO outta this generation of gaming consoles, the 360 takes it. Im sure Sony will come out w/ somethin revolutionary for their next console, they always do.
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