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  • r-dubber ·
    wow what year was ur si?. . how many miles?. . . i should trade mine in soon. . probably so nice to have low ass payments on a ballin whip. . i dont owe **** on mine. . whered u buy your car? was it stock wen u traded it in or did u leave skunk on it?
    scrappydue ·
    yep 26 even. gave me 20 for the si, only owed 17 on it. it was def and upgrade, although i do miss driving manual once in a while. got paddles now though which is fun too.
    r-dubber ·
    i got the meg kit n did work went over every panel twice. . . then i hit it with this wax called the black box. . . . 5 hours later. . . n i still see overspray. . **** looked like black ice. . . till some ***** talked me into going to pbr
    vtec_king ·
    sup man. i'm always down for a run. nice i need to get on that too. just get some meguiar's clay from wal mart. it will do the job real good.
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