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  • wahbulance ·
    hi! big fan of your car! i had a few questions to ask you about your trailer hitch.

    i saw that you posted that you use the drawtite trailer hitch on your car?
    i also have an si sedan with hfp rear lip and q300.

    do you have any problems with rattling?
    is there enough clearance for the exhaust and rear lip?
    any damage/bending/scratching on the exhaust and lip?

    i'm definitely in the market for a trailer hitch and your feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced!
    Mikey6p ·
    If selling a FlashPro, this must be in a picture showing that the FlashPro has been unlocked from your vehicle. :wave:
    OBX4life ·
    word. Last question: Did you upgrade to SS lines? I assume if I buy SS lines (looking at goodrich) to replace the OEM lines, they will still plug and play with the brembos?
    OBX4life ·
    Did you trim back the brake pads? I heard they're going to hang off the edge of the rotor a bit and you need to trim them back
    ehsan ·
    I noticed you have pictures with 17x9 +45 rpf1 sbc 235/40r17 fk453 ... I am about to put identical wheels/tires on my fiji fg2 ... Any modifications for fit? (fenders/spacers/etc) Thanks for your feedback.
    0720Steve ·
    text me when you get this and if you can't so i can ask her. really want to get one of these if i can. always seems to be working against me. chive should have asked me my schedule before deciding today at noon. hell, even today at 3 might have worked. i'll see if i can get wifi on the plane and do it myself...but let me know if you can by 9 if you can't. flight leaves at 920. black large please. you know i am good for a timely payback.
    0720Steve ·
    hey buddy. you think you'll be able to make it happen or should i ask someone else. a coworker offered to try and help me too...but i don't want to end up with 2.

    sivtecboi80 ·
    hey nice car man, btw are you running spacers up front for those rpf with that offset? Im bout to pull trigger on a 17x9/45 but don't want issues. Or maybe a 35up front and 45 in rear is better?
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