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  • leafninja007 ·
    lol haha xD and no probs man!
    is the takeda intake bettr?
    o btw im fixing up my civic as well and im doing my own thing so i hope its turns out alright
    the engine is a r16 (1.6) i dont have the si in my country so i might swap a japanese fd2 type r engine in it after i change suspension,brakes,rims and tires =)
    leafninja007 ·
    hey man ur ride looks awesome!! and finally sum1 puts some good rims on. exellent! :D im putting white volk te37s.
    very nice man! congrats!
    Pimptrickie ·
    yeah, i got it the following weekend. Everything looked just the way i imagined except for the diffusser. But i'm sure i can figure something out for that. As i quoted in one of your pixs, your setup is almost exactly how i'd like to do mines, with the beam light in the front... sexy!
    trinxified ·
    sick car. i got similar setup, except less carbon fiber, type r sideskirts and diffuser.

    i've been thinking about fd2 foglights like yours. did you buy the bumper with them or you installed them after? i'm still undecided if it looks good or not
    HoNgKoNgKoBe ·
    Just for parts alone right, that sounds about right, since for me to do the entire rear its approx. 2k-3k. Did you need to pay $1k for paint/labour?
    HoNgKoNgKoBe ·
    I really like your rear conversion. That is exactly what I want if I was to do my rear. 09+ JDM Tails, Mugen Spoiler. The Seibon Diffuser looks better than I thought, looks more subtle than the Js which is what I like. How much did everything cost ya?
    inkedsi ·
    hey question for you; did you install the CF trunk yourself aftermarked? or did it come on it when you bought it
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