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  • fid3L ·

    so I see that KW is a bad kit then :biggrin:

    my buddy has a BRZ...Tomei unequal length header and over pipe matched with a Perrin 3" exhaust sounds SICK!!!
    jose85 ·
    Hi Mucter
    can you help me in something

    i saw your post about the alpha series Header on civic si

    i have a question and idk what to belive

    what is the right way to install ?
    using a cable extender for the primary o2 sensor and plug in in the bung1 closest to the engine and use the defouler on the secundary o2 sensor?

    thanks a lot

    I just got the Kraftwerks Supercharger installed recently and they said that the stock injector cover won't fit. How did you get your painted one to fit??


    Guerra ·
    Hey, did a search and checked your build thread and couldn't find it... But may I ask who did the retrofit for your lights on you FA5? I think I want the exact same setup you have....

    Also what are the new plans for the FA5?
    Pecoro4 ·
    I read a lot of your post and found your Cal in FPT but says that has lowered Vtec window for high levels

    Do you have the last review, cuz I'm at sea level

    is not for me, I made my cal but took me a while and I'm planning to demostrate one of my friends the night and day difference just with FP in his Stock Car

    I'm in Mexico and this sunday we will go to the track to check 1/4" mile times with and w/o FP

    Thanks :vtec:
    KlickityClack07 ·
    hey Jay, quick question... Can a faulty primary o2 sensor contribute to hesitation and bucking under load or at the beginning of boost?
    0720Steve ·
    ok cool. that is about what i have seen them going for. then i saw you can buy lightweight rotors from stiegmierrerrseeeiir. or there is another well known rebuild company that will coat them while they are at it. i'm just doing research right now. might consider a venom cooler. not sure. but then i'm doing all this m62 research and everyone wants the m90 or tvs.
    0720Steve ·
    alright. i'll keep looking. i think 2007 was the last year for the sc version before they switched to turbo. didn't you do it? what would be a fair price for a blower unit to pull the rotors from....or just rotors? couple hundred bucks?
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