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  • 0720Steve ·
    cool man. guess i am one of the lucky few to have super rare mad jdm parts. i'm doin good. my car is good. sexy of course. getting pretty crappy milage at the moment. probably because i can't keep my foot off the throttle. 2.95 is on the way. will be here this week. got a stash of parts under my bed waiting to go on. updated imt stage 2 core, r40 crank pulley, rrc oil pump, yadda yadda. just paid it off too. why did you go back to the 5.98? and thanks for props on rotm. not the most epic of wins, but a win nonetheless i guess. nothing wrong with the competition, were just only 3 entries. you have a good weekend as well.
    0720Steve ·
    in your IMT IMG thread....is the first picture of 3 of those IMT gaskets, or 2 of the stock ones like you mention? it looks like 3 of the IMT. just curious. weren't only 3 made or something like that? i bought the one off art, so i have one of the few. how is your monster?
    SergEK ·
    Hey mike come to the import show in Anaheim - Anaheim convention center - doors open at 4pm - should be awesome
    vf1si ·
    Hey Mike, didn't see your message for a while too. Lol. Everything is up and running although it was after a little transmission failure added to my issues. Not gonna go rotrex anymore since I put in a 4.389 FD and cruising in 6th with the rotrex might not be too fun. Ordered the IMT stage 2 AC so will live with that for however long I don't get bored. Lol.
    fid3L ·
    :giggle: yeah man I think Dave is planning to bring Vit down here in November time frame when his new set up is done :giggle:

    Gotta love those dyno days, a lot of :rotfl:
    vf1si ·
    Yeah still considering my options. It's track reliable already, just a bit on the hot side. I was thinking of going to the rotrex next year to offset the weight of the roots blower which is murder in road coarse settings. Gotta et my car back from Eman's before I can do anything though. Stupid EPS went out on me.
    vf1si ·
    Ok thanks Mike. Was thinking about buying toucan's set up, swapping to new core, swapping Bell core to my old Merc stg 1 set up and selling it as a pseudo Stg2. Maybe get it all done for ~$500 in the end.
    vf1si ·
    Hey Mike I wanted to know, is your IMT AC core their newest design or the older Bell core? Any tangible difference?
    JDM_DOHC_SiR ·
    OK.. I'll PM the you Secret BBQ info :shadyhat:

    Good info about the Bearing :think:... might just be the sheilding...either way.. how many mikes have you put on it..??:think:

    Also might have fond another bearing to use as well :)
    Pracata ·
    I'm good my brother:)I still have the spacer somewhere I just have to look for it.why do you need it?
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