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  • mattsbobo ·
    Amazingly I walked away with a few cuts, and my most major issue is a messed up pointer finger. I was in complete shock at the scene and the only thing I remember being said to me by one of the cops was that the side curtain, and seat airbags most likely saved my life. If that one sentance hadn't been echoing in my head over and over, I would have looked for a K swapped gutted EK9. Definitely keep the Si's. If anything, add the Pilot later. I don't know how much room you really need but my mom just got a 2012 CRV and it's really, really nice. It's no FBP (the greatest of all Honda colors) Si, but it's still nice in a tall, automatic kind of way. :giggle:

    I started a reintroduction thread if you care to pop in to see your cousin...
    mattsbobo ·
    I had an 06 TW FG2 that had all the standard bolt ons. sadly, a 17 year old girl in her daddy's Mustang GT decided my coupe would look better if she t-boned me in the driver door at 45mph. Knowing how many people dog the hell out of these cars didn't have me too thrilled about looking for a used one where I was unsure of it's history. Bill has always been my best friend on here, and I knew he was tired of the Civic scene, so I started to :badger: him. Long story shorter, I now have his car. I'm still shaking some gremlins out of it though, and I'm FINALLY going to get it retuned the day after New Years. Sorry...I know you didn't want to hear all that. I'll shut up now. :facepalm:
    mattsbobo ·
    Can I be in the "Family Car" sig? I bought NitrousG35's Si in Aug and it's a FBP FA5 w/ tinted windows, Mugen wing and diffuser. You could lable my car "Scotch Drinking Cousin" :giggle:
    Micah ·
    yeah....can't be 100% BUT about 85-90% sure. as of this instant, yes i am. depends on what my gma says when i wake up about whats going on. which i hope is nothing :pray:
    alex5 ·
    would love to but the auburn game is on and i'm goin to bed right after, work at 5 a.m. i was gonna add that the exhaust technically cost more than anything his g/f has done but i decided not to be too much of a ****
    alex5 ·
    jess if you haven't seen the last page of the nominations you should go check it out haha, i stood up for you a little too:wheee:
    2likru ·
    Hey, I no longer have yours or Brians number anymore. My fiancee has changed phones and she is the one who had them but my number is 341-6770. You or Brian feel free to text or give me a call if you get into anything.
    akai6 ·
    Hmmm I see you are going to Disney in February, perhaps I should be scheduling my flight for then too. :)
    BioHazard ·
    HEy Jess and Brian, I know you were planning on going to all state, but the dates have changed. I will actually be out of town that weekend march 12th so my place won't be avialable. Now if you guys want to have some real fun Robert and I will be running at Road Atlanta with instructors. You could have some real track time experience it is with NASA.
    jrotax101 ·
    Ooo exciting! I miss my Si :sadwavy:. I feel bad because my "new" (96) civic will never receive the love the si or your mugens do. LMK how it turns out..
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