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  • ChinoiSI ·
    i just seen your post on one of my older threads, to tell you the truth i still havent figured it out, i ended up buying a new DD, and havent really even drove my FG2, but in a few months, i am gonna just change out all of my pulleys, i have already changed my alternator and Starter.
    MugenFTW ·
    I was thinking about selling... I really wanted to trade for the TWM to see how it compares. What is your offer? I am leaving out of the country for 3 weeks on Monday. If you are serious and the price is right, I can drop it off for shipment tomorrow.
    cdubb77 ·
    Yeah, I have the Eibach Pro-kit springs on my factory shocks since June 2008. These springs are a good drop because the car isn't too low or too high. Very good for daily driving. Especially living in pothole city NY, they're good. Unfortunately my shocks didn't last too long because of these same rough roads. I'll be getting KYB shocks soon to replace them. You'll be happy with these springs though. No complaints.
    Cr8tive_leo ·

    eBay Canada Seller: merchantkey: Cell Phones PDAs, Electronics on eBay.ca at low prices

    make sure you order the proper one, iPhone or iTouch, they are slightly different to accommodate the thickness of the units.
    p1904 ·
    last one was last thur. next big meet is oct.8th. place is undecided. today is a mini meet at wings n things at the convoy st.
    Mjrn. ·
    lol yeah. I JUST installed it tonight too. argh.

    yeah I didn't want to get rid of my sri but the heatsoak was killing me. I didn't think the cai would be so much better, but it is! I figured since we're in SD I'm pretty safe. Anyway, yeah, with the sri the car would only have that awesome pull when I first started driving, and then normal traffic and driving would sap it. On the freeway I run 20 degrees cooler. No matter how long I drove with the sri it would not get as cold as the CAI.
    Mjrn. ·
    why didn't you hit me up a few hours ago? I got impatient and installed the red one lol. It's a huge pita with the cai because you have to remove the elbow and that thing is stubborn. And of course I'd have to basically reinstall everything. So for now, I guess not lol. If you had silver or a helix, maybe *shrugs*

    Meanwhile, I'm jealous of your rims. they cost as much as I've spent on the car total almost lol.
    Mjrn. ·
    SICK! where'd you get them, how much, and how much do they weigh?

    Cool, what color is it? I'm jealous, I had to have mine shipped. Got it with two gaskets for 85. I ask the color though cause I got red and I wanted something more lowkey like silver or black.
    Mjrn. ·
    lol, waited 2+ months for a guy to finally get his turbo but he sold it to me for 420! It was actually going to be 400 but he friggin' drove like 2 hours so I gave him 400! By far the best deal I've gotten lol.

    With the sri you'll be fine. I had my SRI mounted with no vibramount forever and there was no problem. The CAI is more dangerous because there's places it'll rub. But if you're really paranoid you could make something by picking up some small pieces at home depot; I love that place. You may want to get your radiator hose rerouted though. It was a ***** for me (with CAI it's even more important I think) but I could help you out if you want. Not hard I was just dumb. I'm not sure if it's a must do, but it couldn't hurt anyway. I like working on my car so I wasn't too afraid.
    Mjrn. ·
    yeah. I've done pretty much everything else NA except cams, which I'm afraid to do still without upgrading valvetrain which=$$$$, so I finally gave in and did TBS. Didn't really want to but *shrugs*. Still haven't taken it out on the road yet though cause I ran into a jam. You can check it out; it's my newest thread lol.

    How've you been? the dcrh treating you well? I got a vibrant with hfc!:love:
    xheartcore_boyx ·
    18x8/37+ wrapped in 18/40/225 tires, hfp suspension leaven around 1.5 fingers of fender gap, it looks and rides great but wont tuck tires.
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