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  • KMM ·
    It's that time time of year again to get your santa hats on and be merry..
    but it's also time for 8thcivic.com's annual Secret Santa and Im here asking (once again) if you would like to join in on the fun...

    If you said yes then sign up at the link below
    Wh1t3Ryn0 ·
    any chance you'll update me with my purchase? over 2 weeks ago i've sent a few PM's and comments on thread with no response...
    xheartcore_boyx ·
    hey man, first off welcome to doha..food is great in ramadan so you are in luck there lol

    Al-khaima restaurant is great, it's near souq Al-Saad ... Al-Sham restaurant at salwa road has a great atmosphere, food and crazy good shisha (hookah).

    Try these places and you will be in arab food heaven :giggle:
    shadow-si ·
    sup bro, i'm one of the guys from LR..anyways i heard that you once had the sk2 header n i just want you 2cents on it. becuz i'm interested in buying one by next month
    r3v ·
    Hi! I'm doing well. (except that my weekend is almost over, and I've not managed to accomplish even half the things on my list!) How are things going for you?
    spinks ·
    Hey man, I hope you know I wasn't serious about using an ak bayonet to kill people when they see a sticker. I was surprised everyone took that so literally. Anyway, yes I do have an AK I haven't had it for long or anything but it's seems like a pretty solid gun. It came with a knife, but the only reason I said that is because it's a song lyric lol. These guys thought I was serious and locked my thread! hahahaha! It's romanian, I payed 450 bucks and some change for it.

    Anyway, don't take me so seriously, especially when I spell words like an idiot. I said I was JDM to make fun of all those guys that even use the word JDM. These guys crack me up man, I love this website.
    The FA5 ·
    Hey man im not downing on you or anyhting come on though 180 WHP vs 310WHP i dont have a chance unless i go turbo. But if you want a fair race you can race my friends SRT-4.
    Hayestar ·
    hey man, I live in jville. Ive been looking for some people around here with a civic si to kick it with and cruise with and what not. I saw that you put something about bale honda, do you work there? I bought my si there. I like that gun, I have a s&m m&p 15, maybe we can hit up the shooting range. lata man, zach
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