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  • honda_lvr ·
    hey im currently having a similar problem that you once had with your left (driver side head light) my left blinker is currently blinking really fast and both high and low beam lights arent working at all on the same side. right side is perfectly fine . would you mind sharing how you solved this problem ? i am running out of ideas and dont know what to do anymore. ive checked and replaced all fuses and bulbs, still cant find the problem.
    08fiji ·
    Hi I'm new to the forum. You posted a pic of your car running RPG1's and you said they were 17x8.5 +40. Could you tell me what suspension you had at that time?lol that looked perfect!!
    Dar-Dar ·
    Yeah, I didn't know he was filipino when I saw F&F and Tropic Thunder. I had to do a little research after seeing "Here comes the boom". And he did turn out to be filipino. Lol. He was born in Quezon City.
    ripply ·
    Oh boy.. haha this is perfect, ive been silently looking for one since I want to make my bay prettier! What color and how much?
    HeelsandEers ·
    Really now? I do have some brand new neuspeed sports sitting in my closet, so all I'd need would be the konis. Are you set on selling everything together? If you have an idea on what you'd want for just the 4 konis (probably shipped) PM me.

    I just messaged the dude, and he said they were coming off his car Tuesday and he'd let me know. If he's still willing to go as cheap/cheaper as he was, they'll be hard to pass up, but I'm still open to anything at this point. Yours probably have a lot less miles on them :shrug:
    HeelsandEers ·
    No I have not. I haven't heard from the guy in several weeks now. I actually meant to message him the other day and see what the deal was.

    If he doesn't want to sell anymore I'd still probably take those oranges off your hands, which I assume you still want to sell?
    SiDanny ·
    Bu tits at a Ford dealer. They could probably give you better financing that Joe-Bob's side-o-the-road used car dealer.
    With miles that low you could finance it out 4 or 5 years and not worry about it getting beat and abused and tons of maintenance in that time. 45k is so low. Like half of what I have.
    SiDanny ·
    Damn dude. That one in Norfolk is legit as fux. Carfax has a lot of info, super low miles, 1-owner.

    Might have to bite the bullet.

    Your profile hurts my eyes. Dat red font doe. Ouchies.
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