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  • djneil ·
    Hi there, were you located man, i would love for you to do some light change on my civic si. I like the work that you did on a view i saw. hit me up......
    drsfinest186 ·
    Hey, I have a question about your LED mod on your dash lights.... I'm not exactly doing a mod but I have to burnt out bulbs on the heater controller that are bugging me. The bulbs the light up when you turn on your interior lights, are they soldered in? You wouldn't happen to know their part numbers would you?
    Xenin ·
    would this work to turn on hid ballasts? is it overkill?

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    sir]-[onda ·
    hey Mike - can you PM Bart and your cell numbers *sigh* i restored my cell phone and by accident erased EVERYTHING! btw cool matrix theme going on here lol
    CodyRyne ·
    I was so blown when I walked out to my car. The yellow had bubbled and the lexan had indented. lol. I'm just wondering how the hell will I get the lights out if I can't break them.
    CodyRyne ·
    hey man, I finally had time to install the lights and the were very easy. I was nervous pulling them apart because I didn't want to break the glass. But over I was glad I did it. I let me girlfriend drive my car and she left the lights on, killed my battery, and not the lenses are melted. lol the gel inside has bubbled. This has absolutely nothing to do with your product. So i'm sure youll be hearing from me to get another set from you man. lol ****.
    CodyRyne ·
    I haven't recieved anything yet. Did they give you an estimate on it or anything like that? Would it just be coming in an envelop or a box?
    CodyRyne ·
    Went ahead and pulled the trigger. Sent $25.00 for yellow ones to portabuddy's paypal acct. Can you guys let me know when recieved and sent out?
    CodyRyne ·
    Hey man, Im about to place the order for the fog lights. I tried to get in touch with that email and no luck. But I'm sending $25.00 US dollars (because I want the yellow fog light replacements) to [email protected] as a payment for goods.
    typemodulo ·
    Forgive me if I am sending this to the wrong person.
    Basically, I have a OEM fog on my 07 coupe and they're cracked.
    I know that you have those replacement lenses, but I was wondering if you offer installation as well?
    Since I know I would probably mess it up if I replace the lenses myself...
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