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  • drummercor1 ·
    Hey man, i was hoping you could give me some of your superior knowledge for this issue im having. So i seem to have that cold start up grind that everyone has, that second or two grind/rattle that goes away; and most people just replace the VTC actuator. Now i've seen countless accords and CR-Vs and Elements that have needed them back when i worked at Honda but never really heard too much about it with civics. Whats your opinion?? Spend the money and put a VTC actuator in or is there another fix that people don't know about?? Thanks man in advance.
    fzhongs20 ·
    Hi,i was wondering if uou can tell me where to buy the 9.0 manifold of joe mccarthy i habe tried google numberoneracing with no result,thanks in advance
    Mrblaze ·
    Hey I live in cali and here that you work on cams. Im looking to buy skunk2 stage 1 cams and was wondering where you live in cali and how much would you charge? Thank you
    1320built ·
    hey was wondering how did you like you joe mccarthy 9.0 manifold.I am very close to purchasing it but just havent seen any good reviews till i came accross your build which i had been following when it had the svm cams on stock k20z3 motor.
    inlovewhonda ·
    Hey buddy.
    my name is ozan
    Im trying to get a tune from vit but he told me I need a o2 sensor extension
    im looking for the part number for oem one he told me you would know.
    if you could help me much appreciated
    21honda08 ·
    Hey, i was told buy vitviper to try and get a hold of you about cam and valvetrain install. He recommends me getting tjem installed buy and since Vit is the inly one that tunes me. Im currently tuned by vit now. I have DC 2.2 cams and supertech valvtrain and a new OEM tct tensioner that im gettng ready to put into my setep. I live in AZ. What would you charge. Thanks.
    csb ·
    hi, i wanted to ask you something. first of all, thanks for the parts, everything worked great.
    I wanted to ask you something. Im actually using a custom 3" exhaust with a 3" vibrant oval mufler and a interediate resonator. It sounds nice but i have the chance to get a invidia q300 locally for a great price. Do you think i would loose performance? It mainly beacuse i moved to a new place and when i turn on the car, a lot of car alarms get triggered, this is due to the drone on the exhasut
    Beto619 ·
    Eman whats that comedians name that has the joke about not getting a gun and getting pepper spray??? been trying to find how it is but cant...:sadbanana:
    Racewarrior ·
    Just had a question to who they call the z3allmotor master. I have all skunk 2 bolt on's for my si. CAI, Mega power header, Composite fuel rail, Throttle body, rr exhaust and flash pro. Wanted to know what were the best and most reliable cams to drop into my motor. My goal is 240whp and if possible to get any more juice out of this set up would like to know without having major tear down of the motor or going F.I. I've heard that 06-08 tsx cams are great cams for reliability and power. I'm looking for a reliable build and would like to know what else you think I could do before thinking about F.I or k24 block. Your opinion is welcomed and please be honest with however you may feel, I'm a realist and I need facts, not what if's.

    Thank You!
    JDM_DOHC_SiR ·
    Your second pump is here .. When are you coming to pick it up..... I would hate to have the wrong part# pump ....

    If you know what I'm saying :coffee:
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