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  • Vizy ·
    Yea! that little piece, and I feel like I am a lot lower than a lot of people with the same setup, and I have no clue why.
    jrickerm ·
    With Bridgestone RE-11A's, 225/45R17 (238mm wide actual) on 17x8 +45 ET rims there is no rubbing at all and -2* camber front and back. With the racing/autox slicks (245mm wide actual, 17x8 +38 rims) I get a little bit on the inside of the wheel well at full steering lock. My front fender liners are tucked inside the metal of the fenders and that helped, but no rolling needed. GLWB
    jrickerm ·
    You mean the long rubber lip piece along the underside of the front bumper cover? You must be a lot lower than me to scrape that thing! Never had that issue, sorry.
    Vizy ·
    I saw you have the same suspension as I do (koni neuspeed sports). I want to do brake ducts like yours (great DIY btw), but I keep scraping the OEM rubber thing, and it's even starting to peel off on the right side, which makes sense since that is the only side I can hear scraping over tiny bumps in the road. Did you have that issue?
    jrickerm ·
    343 whp Dynapak and 240 tq, but on fairly sticky summer performance tires (Star Specs or RE-11A) - seems you don't need to dump as much boost if the tires are sticky enough.
    SiDanny ·
    I edited my BBG settings like you mentioned, but I haven't had a change to try it.

    Before I do though, do you have an idea of how much power you're making? Thanks!
    dnorris89 ·
    Shipping the mounts out right after class, should have a tracking number by tonight after I'm done work n get online
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