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  1. new CA DAD smog

    It's not hard to do, just plug-n-play. Depressurizing the system would be just unplugging the fuel rail and put a rag over the connection lol. but ya i'd probably do that anyways.
  2. new CA DAD smog

    your injectors may need to be swapped out too. other than that, ya stock header and stock tune, you'll be ok
  3. Pictures Of Engine Bays

    Inside and Out
    nice MR2 bay
  4. new CA DAD smog

    use a map based tune, all monitors set automatically
  5. Mugen Si build from Hawai'i

    Car Builds
    subscribe me!
  6. DIY: Throttle Body Calibration Procedure

    DIY Honda Civic Engine
    yes, they're the same
  7. TN FS ASP K24 3" Header 4,2,1

    Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    bump for awesomeness
  8. steering wheel vibration

    Engine Swaps, Mounts, Pulleys
    I have the innovative 70a motor mounts and I know the vibrations come with the territory, but is there anything we can do to cut down the steering wheel vibrations at idle? :wavey:
  9. new CA DAD smog

    if they wanna dig into it, they'll fail it. Any CARB sticker on the car, the number gets entered into the state system
  10. DIY USA SPEC BT35-HON Bluetooth Interface

    DIY Honda Civic Audio
    if you have the 6 cd changer input in the back of your factory radio, it'll work for you
  11. new CA DAD smog

    the ecu is only gonna give as much fuel as it needs, no matter the injector size. BUT the duty % of the bigger injectors may allow more fuel to seep in causing higher hydrocarbons. I did not return to "stock tune", so it will not be needed (as of right now, the system is still new)
  12. new CA DAD smog

    I'm running an AFM tune, put the heat shield from the cat over my header piping so it looked like i had one, and swapped my intake out for the stock one. All my monitors were set besides the catalyst monitor, and engine light off (obviously). mods: k24 with 12.5:1 pistons and Z3 head with tsx...
  13. new CA DAD smog

    awesome! I just had some free time and went to a shop and mine passed too WITH flashpro afm tune. This is great news for this community
  14. new CA DAD smog

    how far did you drive on the stock ecu before you hit up the smog shop? Cause that's good news
  15. new CA DAD smog

    Nice! did they use the sniffer and dyno?