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  • CivicEvo06 ·
    hi!!! i'm new to this website and came across your photos of your honda civic si type r conversion process and i have to say it looks sweet!! I was wondering if you could tell me where i can buy the front and rear end conversion kits and how much did it cost you so i have a good idea of how much it is and how long it may take me to complete this process. thanks for your help and hope to hear from you soon!! =P
    nickyaralar ·
    hey ive been lookin for a js racing front end recently but have not idea where to look.
    any idea where your friend got it?
    BioHazard ·
    They are now called PBR, I usually get them from Brake Parts Warehouse, brake rotors, brake pads, high performance brakes, I have been trying out EBC pads as well. I have the yellows on my s2000CR and will be tracking them this weekend to see how they hold up.
    aki ·
    I'm on a budget so no autox/road racing for me >< Aren't required to have hood pins in SCCA AutoX, or NASA. Using a CF hood in autox will bump you up in class, and you can't be in STS... that's the biggest downside imo.
    aki ·
    Hey, no worries about the questions =)

    - The mesh I bought. Had some left over for putting the mesh in the lower grill. I cut them to size, and used Goop to attach it to the underside of the hood. I don't think the vents are held by the cover, but come to think of it, not sure D: I tugged on it a bit and it doesn't budge. To be safe I should put the bolts back in though...
    - No plans for hood pins, I was paranoid in the beginning, but given how small the hood is and the lack of weight difference, seems safe to use without hood pins. Plus I haven't heard of a single person having the hood fly off for this car.
    - As far as being warped, I never saw it unpainted on my car so I have no frame of reference. Fitment wise I'm not really complaining, it seems pretty good.
    0720Steve ·
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