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  • Mikey6p ·
    Can't approve your rims for sale unless you retake the picture with the proper information actually written on the paper, not edited on.
    -j- ·
    Sorry. I hardly visit my acct. I've been happy with the fix. You just have to make sure it's tied properly to avoid the vibration. I've had my car for 5 years and it's still going strong. About 90k miles and about 5k on the cmc. It really fixed the issue.
    Kelvera117 ·
    Hey man hows it going? Well the reason ive Pm'd u is bcuz im in the market for a new car and the 09-11 si is the only car im really interested in. But the only thing that keeps my from pulling the trigger is the trans problem that ive been hearing about. I aaw a post of yours saying you bought the hybrid cmc. So my question is hows it working out? How many miles/ months do u have logged on the cmc is it really a complete fix can u truly drive the car the way u want to with no limitations? Thanx in advance hope to hear back soon
    dentrecords ·
    Your non picture post was removed from the picture thread. Please try to keep posts in the picture thread to pictures. :wavey:
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