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  • Patric Bateman ·
    hey man, those 522's that you had on before, what was the size of em? i'm trying to get my car to be a lil bit more stanced. im confused when it comes to the fitment, i.e. offset, diameter, etc. any help is much obliged, i ask you cos.. well, you're car looks ****** sexy man.
    lexxrock ·
    Hey man I got my GS coilovers in and I got a question man! How do you have you're setup on the front? Is it okay if the thread of the coilover goes past the base? Or do you have any pictures?
    theTruth ·
    here's the link to where I bought my shift knob if you want it. can't beat $40 shipped

    Blackworks Racing - Type R Weighted Shift Knob - 10x1.5 6 Speed - Neo Chrome
    GDBtoFA5 ·
    im on ksports. the rears are maxed out with 1 locking ring taken out. its retarded the way its setup. if i run just spring that'll bring me down maybe like another 1.5 inch lol. but yeah im rubbing in the front still on big dips need to ad more camber in the front lol.
    And i actually just got my rears rolled yesterday ;)

    but oh you do not want a black car lol such a ***** to keep clean! upload your stuff and flickr so i can check it out bro
    GDBtoFA5 ·
    i wish my rears could go lower though so i could go lower all aroung. im maxed out with the locking ring out.
    GDBtoFA5 ·
    it came out pretty good. thanks man.
    all i did as far as fender work was just bend the tabs up in the front with a hammer. rears are untouched will probably get those rolled soon. just running lots of neg camber in the rear haha. heres how it looks

    Meeee | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    theTruth ·
    no tires. i have evo8 wheels in ~90% condition (minor curb rash/scratches). im just asking around to see how much to sand/prime/paint all 4 before i throw tires on them. lemme know
    theTruth ·
    I was told to ask you about wheel powdercoating. you know anybody that does it for a decent price? best I got quoted was $400 by central FL powder coating. lemme know, thanks
    GDBtoFA5 ·
    Lol thanks man. Yeah saw your posts and my wheels are the same specs just wondering what you did to make it fit haha. Thanks again man
    atlboi404 ·
    only way you can delete a thread is if you ask a mod 2 delete it for you but a lot of times they just leave it and wait for it 2 moved down as new post and threads are made
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