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  • rexicles10 ·
    haha that's a good point, I just needed a catted header cause I'm in a part of illinois that requires a cat. Thanks so much!
    rexicles10 ·
    Hey, I was wondering, did you ever pair up your Q300 with the CNT header you used to have? I was planning on getting that CNT-Q300 combo but the only thing holding me back is if the CNT can even connect to the Q300. Sorry if this is a noob question, I just really wanna make sure before buying the header.
    dharvey ·
    Hey, would you mind telling me where you bought your q300? Read your post saying you got it for cheap and I'm thinking about buying. Also, any complaints about it? Thanks!
    HeelsandEers ·
    People always do say it's much easier the second time.

    It's not that the cars sounds bad 24/7. It's mainly on cold starts and starting from a stop at low rpms. Also, I don't know if a lot of the sounds I'm not liking are attributed to a catless rh in general, or my header specifically (I'm assuming it's a bit of both). That's why I'd really like to hear yours.

    I don't regret buying the kidd, because at the time a $800 header wasn't in my budget (still isn't lol) and for the price the performance can't be beat. Paid $250 for it. It was either sacrifice a better sounding car for some noticeable power and I believe I made the right choice.

    Down the road I'm definitely going to be upgrading. Ideally, I'd like to go with the s2 megapower, because it truly is the best off the shelf header there is IMO. I would LOVE to be able to get my hand on a used hytech header, or something else custom made.
    HeelsandEers ·
    I'd like to make the switch someday to the megapower. If only the install wasn't such a PITA. The kidd just sounds so thin and ****ty. There also some sort of rattle noise I can here at low rpms. Not quite sure what it's from.

    I'm really looking forward to the spring. My car is filthy.. and I'm sick of the snow tires.
    HeelsandEers ·
    I have it with the Kidd racing header. I'm not a huge fan of the sound of it (the kidd) but it makes good power :shrug:

    Nice pickup on the megapower. I'd like to hear how much better it sounds than my kidd.

    But yeah, the GTRs kinda took some attention away from our cars lol Definitely in the spring we'll have to meet up
    fid3L ·
    yeah, I went stright to my dealership and they said they'll cover the crows feet but I had to cover 20% of the cost for the fading roof. they charged me $130 but I didnt mind at all.

    I have a night hawk black pearl (NHBP), took them about 9 days but they did a great job on the paint, looks brand new!
    HeelsandEers ·
    What time I can be home Sunday will depend on if I have to wait or take anyone else home with me. I'll shoot for leaving Motown around 10ish which would get me home before noon. So 1 or 2 in Robinson could work. I will let you know though.

    I also told thechriskarel about meeting up that day (he may be interested in my sportlines). We should post something in the Pittsburgh thread and see if anyone else would want to meet up, when we know the date and time for sure.
    HeelsandEers ·
    I meant to say Sunday the 18th is when I'll be coming home. I could possibly meet up then, depending on what time I get home. If not, the 21st should definitely work.

    The last time I talked to him he said he was. And yeah, I'll be in my Si.

    Would meeting some place in Robinson be ok?
    HeelsandEers ·
    I was just gonna message you lol I thought you said you had swift spec Rs. I've been thinking about getting some and am eager to see your drop.

    But yeah, I will be coming home Sunday the 19th and should be home until the 23-24th. Let me know which of those days would be good for you and I'll figure when I'll be free.
    Bills07si ·
    When did you buy yours ? Cause i called Cnt last week one day and they told me that they didnt have any catted headers for the Si. Think it was thurs i called them . Looks like they have some though , it will let me order one , also did you install yours yet?
    Bills07si ·
    Did you get the cnt header yet? Im having a hard time finding them now. They were discontinued . Found one place that has them next gen tuning but its 365.00 there. You know any other place that has it .
    Will06SI ·
    Go with the Conti DWS -

    215/45-17 Continental ExtremeContact DWS Tires

    best overall tire i have ever owned.
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