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  • TryllZ ·

    This is what I'm trying to achieve, should I use 19x8.5 F, 19x9.5 R, would it be good, I'll be using a body kit and lowering with D2..Anything I need to know before fitting 19 & 9.5 ?

    View image: White Civic

    I won't go too low, but close the fender gap to about 0.25 to 0.5 inches...

    nofate ·
    did you have an other pics of your diy leather seats? Im interested in doing the same. I don't want to ruin my Si seats of I ever decide to trade in my car so I wanted you just R18 seats of they arent any different in shape than the Si ones.

    Did you basically break down the oe skins and make templates?
    BinBreezy ·
    Hey I was wondering how much you got your seats done for? also where did you get the bride material and the Suede looks really nice what Suede is it?

    I tried to PM you but its full PM me if you can. Thanks.
    super_al ·
    hi man! i just want to ask co'z i bought rim size 225/40/r18 and i installed sport eibach lowering springs,do u think it won't rub my fenders?
    OBX4life ·
    Hey bud, I saw your post in the recaro insert thread about drilling out the moldings with a dremmel. Are you saying there is an actual metal/plastic screw under neath the molding or is it just plastic filler I have to drill completely out to get the insert portion of the door out?
    alexlinares44 ·
    looks like you know your stuff dude i need some help would 522 18x8.5 offset +42 with 22/45/18 rub a lot with stock 2009 civic ex and planing to get prokit springs later thanx
    jkingaround ·
    yup. just cut the fabric to size with a little extra (not a lot or you wont be able to get it in). Leave the current fabric there and just push it in with a phillips.
    nex06 ·
    lol your box is full, but im thinking yes, cant go wrong for 115, curious still about the mileage
    Johnold ·
    Yeah thats how the V2's are. I guess i'm glad I have the V1's cause that keeps me from going lower. I could probably go another quarter inch lower up front but then it's TRULY maxed out.

    The V2's are shorter in length on the front coils so you can go much lower without even getting anywhere close to the axle/CV boots. But like you said, when you tempt yourself to going that low, you can't even drive or turn your wheels. So it's kinda pointless on Buddy Club's part. IMO.
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