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  1. LA WTB: Sedan Trunk Interior

    Wanted Forum
    As the title states, I am looking for the plastic floor and the passenger trunk liner. If you are wanting to sell the full set I would be interested in that as well.
  2. Louisiana Chat Thread V2

    From my experience, when I tune a radio, I turn the eq levels flat. Then work your way up/down starting from the higher frequencies, down to the lower frequencies. Each time you make an adjustment, turn the sound all the way down, make the adjustment, then turn it up to the level that you...
  3. BC Racing Coils-Good Deals!!!

    Is there an option for the Swift Springs as well?
  4. Louisiana Chat Thread V2

    My bad Derek, I didn't know you know asked first. I just saw the first post that Michael was offering them... I'm content with my static drop, but with my new wheels I wouldn't mind having more options to play around with.
  5. Louisiana Chat Thread V2

    I may be interested....
  6. Louisiana Chat Thread V2

    Anybody know of any "lowered friendly" places that do alignments in Baton Rouge? I know I spoke to Michael about it a while back, but I couldn't find the PM anymore (damn 20 pm limit).
  7. Louisiana Chat Thread V2

    I'll have to keep that in mind when resealing mine, JDM fogs are way to expensive for my blood!
  8. Enkei RPF1s V2.0

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    So just to verify, I should go the same amount of negative camber (-1.8) as you JeShUa? And I guess I didn't read up on types of tires for the wheels, I just had good luck with them, but the BFG's I guess have a better sidewall? Thanks for all the help guys!
  9. Enkei RPF1s V2.0

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Thanks for the quick response! I rolled my fenders a few years back, but I'm not sure if I rolled them enough. I'm running a 235/40/17 set of yokohama s.drives.
  10. Enkei RPF1s V2.0

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    My newest contribution: 17x9 + 35: Question though, I have serious rubbing issues in the rear, how many degrees of negative camber are you guys running so they don't rub?
  11. Louisiana Chat Thread V2

    Tis a secret until I get them mounted! It's a long time coming from rocking my TSX wheels.
  12. Louisiana Chat Thread V2

    Not to rain on Ryan's parade, but I have some new wheels coming! :)
  13. CA F/S F/T RPF1 17x8.5

    Wheels & Tires FS
    Any pictures of the wheels on your car?
  14. Louisiana Chat Thread V2

    Maybe he's in-between wheels? :)
  15. 2.0l r18

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Boring the block would make more sense than dropping a b18 or a b20 in our cars, hell, even sourcing a R20 block (like I had posted earlier). I understand the "never been done before" factor. But dropping in old tech into a newer car doesn't make sense to me. a K20, or a K20/K24 frank works...