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  • DJDanny402 ·
    omg that was you u ******* lmao, u were up my ass u dik lol, thats why i pulled over, lol i done that shyt b4, i had my gurl in the car, not tryin to hurt her lol
    VTECnical ·
    It is great to be out of the hospital. After the broken back, pelvis, ankle, finger and ribs, the thing that is bothering me is a deep hematoma on my left hip. I have to see my vascular surgeon every 2 days to have it drained. I am trying to take smaller and smaller amounts of pain medication so I can get back to the office.

    Good news is that I am alive. I fell stronger each day. Best of all, my Si is back! North Shore corrected the damage done by Circuit City and I am pumped. I have my HFP 18” wheels on and they look great.

    I still want to install the HFP suspension. After that, I think I am done modifying the car because I do not have time or the physical ability to install anything else. I need a walker to get around so even installing the K&N Typhoon intake will be a pain. I might put the following items on 8th for sale.

    Vibrant Cat Back
    TB Spacer and 2 Gaskets
    CorSport Intake Manifold Gasket
    Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    K&N Typhoon Intake

    I am running an AEM CAI now. I have to reinstall the stock intake resonator and bottom filter box with the K&N Typhoon Intake. It seems like too much work as I struggle to stand or sit at this point. What do you think? I hate thinking about hydrolock…

    I am at home this week. I did not have North Shore install my suspension after learning that your guy can help. Could you ask when I could bring my car in? I’ll pay him to install the Vibrant exhaust too.
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