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  • RedShiftChris ·
    Hi Gonzo. This is Chris from RedShift. I'd like to purchase your 17x7.5 Rota Torques if you still have them. I'm in PA so shipping would be better if possible, but I know you were trying to avoid that. PM me back or call/text me at 570-407-9100. Thanks! Chris
    skinsfn36 ·
    Yeah I'll probably pick up the ETD, and maybe the camber arms, we'll see. Gimme a call saturday, its the only day i dont work
    skinsfn36 ·
    mines not too bad, dude ive been helpin out Bjorn alot, you should give him a call and catch up one day with us
    skinsfn36 ·
    might wanna take that off your hands if you're going to sell it....how did the oil change go? sorry i couldnt make it, i had work
    KMM ·
    Hey, im sending out a quick message to let ppl know that Im hosting SECRET SANTA again this year and I would be happy if you joined me(again) this year, and help spread the word to other 8th members too. not everyone goes to the watercooler side of the site but everyone knows a few ppl on here that would love to join in.

    Its only the third day of signups and already we have about 20ppl. i would like to get about 40-50 ppl signed up this year. It would be nice to get a few more Canadians this year, we only had 11 last year out of 38ppl.

    A few changes for this year.

    The spending cap is $30-40
    and i have split it into two section, Canada and USA. so canadians dont have to ship to Americans and vice-versa.

    BASICALLY what happens is;
    after November 14th(end of signups)
    You will receive a name of a person that is participating in the same country as you., you will shop for this person, spy on them and see what they might want. the will have a short wish list of things that they might like. then no later then the 8th of December we wrap up our gifts and ship em out. then you will in term receiver a gift from some other random person.

    We all had a good time last year so lets do it again this year too...
    iCeMaN57 ·
    Gonzo, I wanted to give a thanks in advance for helping Bjorn with my retro this sunday or monday. Bjorn was telling me about your quad setup and it sounds amazing :drooling: I have seen it but the pics were somewhat blurry. :thumb:
    sick-k20z3 ·
    sup... i talked to Jeff at honda today he said he wouldent be able to guarantee that he could have your car fixed f2kboost dropped his car off and they called him back and said they couldent get the 2nd to gring lol their gonna try again in the morning.
    they never even tested mine. ill see wassup with this ****. they prolly just took it to 3k rpms and granny shifted.
    sick-k20z3 ·
    Ill def. call him monday, I called but he dident answer his phone some random lady did and said he was gonna be outa town till this monday but another member called the next day and he was there lol. but on the other hand the guy who called is getting his replaced
    sick-k20z3 ·
    sup I called my tech today but they said he was gonna be out of town till monday. Ill give him a call back asap and let you know if he could get your 2nd fixed for you
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