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  • DevilDoc87 ·
    hey man, seeing since ur gonna go another route, u gonna sell the si? let me know because im sure ur gonna wanna make it stock, and I want that ajp exhaust+test pipe. :thumb:
    juicy55908 ·
    whats going on phil? i was just lookin at FAQ greddy kit and i saw u recommended changing the oil line. i clicked the link that you provided and saw that i had a couple options. which one did you go with
    LoverOfCivics ·
    lol thats a big fat yes to tracking with the slicks lol thats all i want to do is just know that my clutch is gonna handle the abuse i have instore for it... im currently running with drag radials (which is how i burnt my stock clutch lol )
    LoverOfCivics ·
    Well Im a pretty big guy and only noticed the extra stiffness for the first drive lol.
    I have the exedy stage 2 what do you have?? right after the install when i started the car it seemed alot stiffer but when i test drove it seemed like it softened up a bit and now im just totally used to it
    LoverOfCivics ·
    Thanks for the tip on the Carbonetic Clutch,, i never even thought about looking at those twin/triple plate clutches, thats awesome news that they wont blow my stock mc !! if i can find a place that sales it besides horsepowerfreaks.com (only thing that comes through google ) i will probably be running this clutch on my car in about 3 months,, after i get the stand alone and then a little time to save up for the clutch lol
    r3v ·
    Yup! I'll have boost someday too. Hopefully in the next year or so! But it will be in my track car. (Don't tell my GG!) Right now I'm thinking Miata . . . They are cute with corvette engines and such.
    HFPwhore ·
    She won't drive it. She hasn't driven it since I bought it!! I want a 92-95 Hatch but one for sale in good condition is hard to find.
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