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  • Mikuism ·
    I went on your guy's website and tried buying but it seems like you guys only ship within the US. I live in Canada though.
    010CivicTx ·
    can i get a price quote on a fg exhaust no adapter?? really wanna buy one NOW! lol

    was hoping i could get a deal on one with an 8th discount? :D
    Dizzle0420 ·
    How much of a deposit do I need to put down for the full race 3inch for my si coupe. Do I need the adaptor since I had a kiddracing header. Thanks alot I want this exhaust so bad!
    KMM ·
    Hey, im sending out a quick message to let ppl know that Im hosting SECRET SANTA again this year and I would be happy if you joined me(again) this year, and help spread the word to other 8th members too. not everyone goes to the watercooler side of the site but everyone knows a few ppl on here that would love to join in.

    Its only the third day of signups and already we have about 20ppl. i would like to get about 40-50 ppl signed up this year. It would be nice to get a few more Canadians this year, we only had 11 last year out of 38ppl.

    A few changes for this year.

    The spending cap is $30-40
    and i have split it into two section, Canada and USA. so canadians dont have to ship to Americans and vice-versa.

    BASICALLY what happens is;
    after November 14th(end of signups)
    You will receive a name of a person that is participating in the same country as you., you will shop for this person, spy on them and see what they might want. the will have a short wish list of things that they might like. then no later then the 8th of December we wrap up our gifts and ship em out. then you will in term receiver a gift from some other random person.

    We all had a good time last year so lets do it again this year too...
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