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  1. nice to meetcha

    Introduction & Pictures
    Unless it's changed since I was last there (ages ago) it was a bunch of jdm fapping double-decker wings with widebody kits and underglow.
  2. nikon d3100 i need info

    I don't know much about it but from what I hear it's the best "entry level" option that they have. A friend of mine has specified that the autofocus mechanism is new for that model and it's significantly better than those in older models.
  3. nice to meetcha

    Introduction & Pictures
    I just hope you don't bring the club civic "style" with you. Welcome to the site, let us know if there's anything we can help you with.
  4. *Merged* Non 8th gen owning members

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    I'd pick up the second engine for parts, if nothing else. You can swap the head gasket with a new one and see the true extent of the damage.
  5. *Merged* Non 8th gen owning members

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    I'd love to have that 85 to restore/dd. There's nothing like a solid 45+mpg without driving a damn prius.
  6. Everyone with an Si should see this...

    Clutch & Transmission
    Great work, and thanks for sharing. I still think it's absolutely pathetic that this is even warranted. It's not as if Honda is ignorant of the situation, they just care so little about their customers that they don't want to spend money on fixing it. Appalling.
  7. Rainy Day Pics IN 626

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    Looks like a Home Depot lip.
  8. *Merged* Non 8th gen owning members

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    rb25dett, msa kit, work meisters, full suspension swap, curing the cancer, restoring the interior, etc.. I'd be looking at about $12k or so with all things considered. As of now it just sits very sadly under a cover on a concrete slab. Broke my damn heart when I looked at it the other day.
  9. Whats your career/job, how do you pay for your car/mods?

    Water Cooler
    Computer technician. I've been doing it for 1.5 years and it burns being associated with the perceived scum of the tech world. Hoping to get some certifications here soon and taking a step forward away from this place. I love the challenges but the pay doesn't justify the job itself, especially...
  10. *Merged* Non 8th gen owning members

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    When I have the money to do it properly. I have little interest in just getting it breathing again, I want to make it better than ever. We have the technology..
  11. *Merged* Non 8th gen owning members

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    Buick's out, Kia's in. As a matter of fact: Buick and Olds are both out so now we're at 3 cars from 5. We still have the Civic, Rio, and Datsun.
  12. *Merged* Non 8th gen owning members

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    I miss my Buick. :sadwavy: I miss my Datsun much more. :sadwavy: X 1,000,000,000
  13. Night Shoot...White CCW..LS2 powered :D

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    Needs cams. There are very few things in this world that are as sexy as an LS that's cammed with exhaust. Take note; This is one of the only times it's acceptable to have a loud exhaust. 4 bangers, aside from boxers, sound like a prepubescent version of this. This is men, straight pipe Honda...
  14. post your xbox live gamertag!

    Video Gaming
    You can ref this thread as well. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/video-gaming/57434-xbox-live-gamertag-list-alphabetical.html
  15. Donald Rumsfield on The Daily Show

    On Topic
    Stewart is actually an extremely intelligent guy that can hold his own against just about any political analyst out there. He just delivers it in a very pot-friendly manner. Oh, and he's kosher. So there's that.