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  • OBX4life ·
    Are we gonna need anything special if I give the wiring harnesses away that I have now? Just debating if I should include them or keep them for when I do mine..
    OBX4life ·
    Bi-xenon: Morimoto Mini H1 5.0 - HID Projectors from The Retrofit Source Inc

    I'm confused here. When you go down to the drop down menus to select your bulbs/shrouds, it defaults to "don't need" next to bulbs, but I don't see bulbs anywhere in the "what's included" list.

    Trying to figure out if they come with bulbs or not.
    OBX4life ·
    Alright I made up my mind.. I'm upgrading. Gonna put the FS thread up next weekend if one of the local dudes doesn't snag them before then.

    That way we can re-build harnesses for the minis and for the fogs, cause I'd include the wiring harnesses that came with my projectors to whoever buys them in case they want to run the halos.
    OBX4life ·
    The more I sit here the more I want to upgrade. I honestly think I could I could get at least $80 if not 100 for the projectors I have now. Which means I'd be paying like $60 total to upgrade if shrouds really do come with the minis. Do you have paint for doing the reflector bowls?
    OBX4life ·
    Just thought of something that may allow me to upgrade.

    I told the body shop to throw whatever they didn't use/re-use in the trunk. If on the off chance they get a new bumper with the fog lights already installed, they should leave my old ones in the bumper which is in my trunk.

    I could sell those + the projectors and would probably have enough to pay for the new projectors yes?
    OBX4life ·
    It's an extra $200 though. I doubt I'd be able to get much for the projectors I have now.

    I'm almost :pray: the one that got hit doesn't work..
    OBX4life ·
    You should also be proud of me. I know I'll be getting an 09+ headlight from the body shop, so I saved the amber corner from the destroyed retro to use :D
    OBX4life ·
    We'll see. First thing to do will be making sure my driver projector still works when I get the car back.

    If not, then I get to choose what I want to replace them with.

    Do you remember what kind of bulbs went with these projectors?
    OBX4life ·
    Hmm.. Well I'm gonna do some digging on the projectors I have. I may allow you to just tinker with them/take them apart to see what they consist of when I stop by to re-build all of my wiring. This is all hinging on the fact that the one that was in the impacted headlight still works. Gotta wait for to get my car back before I try it.

    I'd have trouble spending the $120 for the H1s if I still have 2 working projectors. We'll see.

    Also considering painting everything black this time around..
    OBX4life ·
    Couple of other questions:

    What has the biggest impact on output? Bulbs or the reflector bowl in the projector?

    Aka do you think it would be worth it to just buy new higher quality bulbs for the projectors rather than get new ones all together?

    I also wonder if I can change out the shroud on the projectors I have now.. If I could remove the halos and put a different shroud on them I'd keep them hands down
    OBX4life ·
    US Seller, 2 year warranty, waterproof. Work for you?

    35W HID Replacement Ballast for 9005 9006 H3 H4 H6 H7 H10 H11 H13 D2R D2S USA | eBay
    OBX4life ·
    I assume it won't be an issue then?

    I like the warranty but they'd be coming from China. Was trying to find a dealer in the US in case I have to return one..
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