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  • sonej4 ·
    Wishing Jill a speedy recovery. I was thinking it would be late spring before a trip could be done. I still have some work to finish on the BMW. I just haven't felt up to doing much, and there are other things more important to accomplish right now. Being able to work 40 hours a week. Keep us posted on Jill's recovery.

    Sorry, I had posted it to my own wall. I hope you guys are doing well and hope to get together for a spring run if she is up to it. If she is not ready by then, I hope to see you guys in September this year.
    administrator ·
    Im liking the sounds of it!!! Other question for you. Do you hang out on any other Fit forums? We started a new one probably 4 or 5 months ago and are trying to get some good traction regarding content. If you got a few minutes I could use some help. Its Honda Fit Forums. Let me know your thoughts is you have some time :)

    jrotax101 ·
    A couple of people I know with modded fits have just coilovers and wheels/tires. They handle MUCH better than the Si IMO. Just smaller, lighter, more nimble and much more fun to throw around :D
    etf ·
    Good to hear from you , Ken!

    Jill & I would like to make it this year, if we can. She has a 2009 JCW MINI that will really rock on the twisties. I still have my '08 Red MINI Cooper S. We really missed coming last year.

    I've had my foot immobilized for a little over 6 months now and still have a ways to go. Hopefully I will be cast-free and able to drive by Sept.
    GeezerSi ·
    Hi :wavey:

    I missed you and your cohort last fall at the Dragon.

    Any possibility you might make it this year?
    etf ·
    Fontana has a lot to offer. especially after the new owners pumped a couple of million into the facility. It has always been the center of activity for Minis on the Dragon.
    Cookstar ·
    Just wondering what you think about the move to Fontana. I was very impressed with them when I visited. It wasn't like we had a whole lot of options though.
    Cookstar ·
    Here's her reply:

    As of now, the lodge is not opening in April. I don't know what the future holds. The family is talking this weekend about other options so I was waiting to get hold of you until I know something for sure.

    I'll let you know by next week.

    Cookstar ·
    That stinks. I'll have to email her about it. Guess we'll have to find somewhere else. Or maybe you and me can buy it ;)
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