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  1. Dudles' Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    Forgot the pics This "Build" (if I can call that a build) is gonna be slow because I'm always on a budget and since the currency rate for Reals to US$ is about 3 to 1, upgrades over here in Brazil are seriously expensive... Car has about 36k Miles now...
  2. Dudles' Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    Update: Installed: - CatDelete - DC Sports SRI - Hybrid Racing Cable Bushings I would prefer a CAI, but the SRI was at an excellent price, so I couln't refuse.
  3. Ethanol proofing the fuel sender

    Forced Induction And Nitrous
    That's the idea. I can imagine how difficult it is for you guys to even buy them here and all that stuff. And since the flexfuel sender is different from the OEM one where the sender meets the cage, the sender arm points in a different direction, I don't feel comfortable selling this here...
  4. DIY Adding USB Port For 2006+ Civic DX, LX, EX, SI

    DIY Honda Civic Audio
    great write-up. Is it possible to have the 09+ OEM adaptor if I get the OEM radio for those years instead of the adaptor ? My doubt is because of the fact that no aftermarket adaptor show the song info in the display...
  5. Dudles' Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    I had a fairly dark tint on my other Civic, but this one came with no tint and I'm getting used to the clear look... If I install a DVD or a miltimidia system maybe I'll tint the windows, if not I think I'm gonna keep it that way. Over here some law enforcement are very strict about tint.
  6. Dudles' Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    Was having an issue with a lot of noise coming from the front of the car, looked like the feared play in the steering rack, but no vibration or clunckiness on the steering wheel whatsoever. Did a quick inspection and found the compliance bushing on the right side broken. Replaced it and the...
  7. Dudles' Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    All our Civic's are the same height (Si's and non Si's) the change is in spring rate and the shocks are a bit stiffer. Whenever I have a chance I'll measure the height on the lower part of the body for you guys to compare. We down here wanting HFP's or Coilovers and you guys wanting our monster...

    DIY Honda Civic Lighting
    If anyone will clear the lights and are going to trow the unbroken orange bits away and would like to donate them to me, here in Brazil we don't have the orange indicators and I like them better but customs taxes would make importing the headlights a very expensive job just for the orange...
  9. Dudles' Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    No coupe were offered here ;'-( Only a few independent imports. The mirror indicators don't come only in the LXS version (cheapest) all the other ones come with indicators. Our Si's come with the indicator on the mirrors, foglights, 6cd changer (premium, nav or subwoofer weren't offered not...
  10. Dudles' Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    - The Seats do say Si (tough to see but they're there on the first pic). - The VIN Number starts with 93HFA5 - The Brazilian Si have indicators on the mirrors from stock - Our suspension is slightly raised compared to the USDM Si (about 1") Pic from a Brazilian Si on Honda's press release in...
  11. Dudles' Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    Hi, My Name is Eduardo Rodrigues, I'm from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. My first car was a 94' EJ1 Civic, Bswap, dropped on Skunk2 shocks and Tein S-tech springs. It had some ebay brand SS exhaust manifold, full 2,5" exhaust, fidanza 7,5 lb flywheel, MSD distributor, adjustable camshaft pulleys and...
  12. Civic vs. Tire Wall - crash recovery build

    Car Builds
    Where and how do you fix your camera ?