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  • sk8ordie0 ·
    Hey. Saw in the offset thread you were running 18x9's. I have a Fa5 (07 sedan si) on prokit thats prob saggy at this point. I was wondering if i run 17x9 in the back and 17x8 in the front both with 35 offset will i be ok? I really dont wanna get into shaving and rolling. Thanks for your time in advance! -Mike
    deathcharge_08 ·
    hi just wanna know where did you buy your ARC spark plug? can u send me link wanted it really bad love your gg sir respect.. thanks
    alennr ·
    Bro your ride is soo cleann! What rims do you have? Im new to this forum and in the process of fixing up my car. I really like your rims!
    toeknee ·
    Fantastic that's exactly what I wanted to hear :D In your earlier posts you mentioned that you think they're -3.5 front and back and that freaked me out haha.
    Since I'm getting 225/40/18s with sect width ~0.4" narrower than you, so I hope I could fit the front and rear at -1.8~2 camber. I'll roll the fender as much as it's needed.

    Thanks =D
    Element63 ·
    Good to know. Thanks! I'm gonna take out the locking nut this weekend as well as remove a locking collar from my rear spring. I'm pretty sure everything will fit after that.
    toeknee ·
    Hey Dave, I'm sure you're sick of being asked this question, but have you ever heard back on the alignment of your BBS LM's? And how aggressively did you roll your fenders? I'm getting 18x9+35 RPF1 (same size as your BBS) with roughly the same sized tires... was wondering if I could get away with -2 or -2.5 camber front and rear since I have a lot of highway DD. Thanks for any feedback :)
    Element63 ·
    Hey just wondering what rear camber arms you used to make your wheels fit? My skunk2 camber arms only give me -2.7 and that's just not enough with my new wheels.... I just don't know if removing the locking nut on them is safe.
    SirChinaman ·
    So i just installed the same bc racing coilovers that you have, the only thing is in the rear i lowered the strut as far as it could go, and the springs as well. its still a one and a half finer gap. i was wondering if you removed the rear spring perches
    09EX1.8 ·
    I noticed you removed you honda emblem on your truck...what all was involved with that...were there holes under it?
    ~(ACE)~ ·
    Thanks Dave, I just ordered CCWs as well but the roads here really suck, and I think im gonna play it safe and run 225/40s. If all is well, i might 215/40 next year.
    Rinker ·
    Hey Dave, I have a question. With the setup you have now with the 215/40/18s and at the height you are, are you able to run a 3" exhaust?
    si-kick ·
    First, congrats on ride of the month. Slick looking Si my friend. Quick question. I am aware that you have coilovers on your vehicle. Do you have them torqued all the way down in the pics to get that "tucked" look? Do you experience "scrubbing" or "scraping" in the fender well with that set up? Are your fenders rolled? I just love that look but before I do spending 2-3K on coilovers and wheels I want an opinion or two. One other thing, do coilovers allow you to avoid having to run a camber kit or is it still necessary to keep the tires from being eaten up due to it being out of camber??
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