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  • SOLO8thGenSi ·
    your PM box is full. so below is a copy/paste of what i intended to send you in reply to your PM to me a few years back.

    well, sorry for the delay. clearly i haven't been logged onto this site in yeeears. YIKES!!
    yes i am running the intake mentioned above. the fitment as i recall did take some customization.... mostly, i had to physically cut down the length of the pipe to fit in the fender of the front driver side. the original length was way too long bc the blower manifold is a different size than the OEM one.

    dunno if this message will help given the time that has passed, but figured it was worth your time to at least respond.

    i think the intake is fantastic. the blower, stage 2 pulley & injectors, plus the aftercooler & dyno tune make this car haul ASS. very happy with it. 108k miles & counting; still on the original OEM clutch too! my daily & my weekend track day car all in one. :D

    pinoysrule ·
    It's coming along. I haven't taken any pics of it since I started modding her, but I should have some posted after I give her a little TLC. You can track my current mods in my profile, but the main ones are the TWM short shifter with Torque Solution base bushings (still have to put the cable bushings in), Volt HID Digital+9006 8000k HIDs with Nokya Arctic White 9005 Halogens, TG Motoring blue interior and white license plate LEDs, Megan Racing Downpipe, PlastiDip the front grille in white, BC Racing coils, Enkei RPF1 17x8 +35 in white with Nitto NeoGen 205/40/17, HFP replica lip kit and a whole bunch of decals. I have an Injen CAI and P2R throttle body spacer that I may have powdercoated blue or white and the Ralco RZ pulley set to still put on. Also, I have a Skunk2 exhaust coming down from GA this winter.
    KillaB ·
    Your PM's are full so I'll just write you here.. I don't believe the price is high. The item was used once for just a few minutes. If you were local and picked it up from my door I might could work something better out for you. The only thing I can do is completely cover shipping.
    JDM_DOHC_SiR ·
    Glad you got it... you will only need one of the pins... the one that I put on there is for the B2 pin location on the middle connector...
    as for a grounding point .. depends on where you mount it .. but I gave you enough to pretty much put it anywhere :D
    JDM_DOHC_SiR ·
    All finished up ;).. sending it out monday..

    but I was wondering why you sent the whole thing..??:scratches:
    all that I needed was the wire harness :shrug:... whould have saved you a lot of time and $$
    mucter ·
    yeah those caps fail all the time. you need to upgrade to the OEM honda ones. Contact k20z3allmotor (Emmanuel) he can help you get the right ones. I don't know the part number.
    0720Steve ·
    i left that one open and closed the one in the wanted section. i would link that thread in those local chat threads. you'll probably have better luck there. or we can open the one in the local section and link the wtb one in the local chats.
    0720Steve ·
    please keep for sale posts to the for sale section. post up a for sale thread and let people come to you rather than PM them.
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