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  • Ineed6speed ·
    Hey man...are you from Pennsylvania and work construction? Saw the exact same setup parked on the side of Pottstown Pike in a construction zone?
    08cikvic85 ·
    what are the specs for your wheels and what tire size you run? and what suspension are you on i got a TW Fa5 and im looking to do 18's i must say the flat black looks great on the blue
    2010 Fa5 ·
    beautiful cae, i saw it at honda day nd after that ive been dying for these wheels just like how u got them but a diff color
    what kind of drop do u have?
    vitamin water ·
    Dude, i've been looking for a Fa5 with Grids because i freaking love the wheels, but i honestly havent seen a setup on a 4 door that looked good. If you rock these wheels, you gotta have some concavity, the offset is everything. I actually just saw your car on the varrstoen website. Ish is ridiculously perfect. keep it up
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