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  • ABM JDM ·
    Sry, haven't been here forever. I also honestly forgot where I bought the engine cover from. I remember taking a suggestion from these forums, some sort of jdm shop. My bad, that was like 4 1/2 yrs ago (time flies!) and my memory sux also.
    SiSoldier ·
    no rubbing issues at all! i was dropped on HFP suspension and it was never a problem. i bought my current wheels in the same size for that reason. still available let me know ill give you a good deal.
    tda1337 ·
    i was told they are useless with turbocharging, and thats what i plan on doing

    unless someone has them with turbo. then maybe
    akai6 ·
    The reason 02civicsi will not ship to CA is because 90% of for sale threads that come from CA say they WILL NOT ship, even at sellers expense. I believe someone from CA wanted to buy from him and he wouldn't ship because of that issue.
    my1stcivic ·
    I bought them from ebay and it listed clearly that it was for our cars...............I never installed them so I would not know............I am not trying to rip you off man.............if they dont fit send them back and I will refund your money (minus the shipping).........lemme know.........try another mechanic.........it is a simple install in my openion..............
    joon joon ·
    wats up man... i seen u on carson and western today... im also got my cap and i wanna give u ur stock one back.. when u wanna meet up??
    08VTECivic ·
    I was thinking we could meet up like we did last time. That would be the easiest way. I forgot where we met up last time, but im in Pomona during the week. Do you remember where we met at? I think it was a Ralphs but I forgot which one.
    B MAN ·
    actually disassmeble it, and put the brackets on alone, then put the bar on to the brackets when they're on the car

    B MAN ·
    just up the back of the car, theres this huge plastic thing, take it off, like 3 clips and 4 bolts, it takes some wiggling around, but it'll come off.. it'll expose 2 bolts.. take one out, put one end of the bar in, and do on the other side, then u gotta tighten them both down alternating sides till their both firm

    i left my "diffuser" (big plastic piece) off, i put the clips in, and i've been fine but if u put the diffuser back, you'll never see the bar
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