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  • mattsera ·
    Hey I saw that u had this problem with your skunk2 Tb , I have the same problem how to fix it thanks I get P2135, "Sensor A/B incorrect voltage correlation"
    46074 ·
    Hey chris how did the process w/ Hasport work when u had a mount replaced? I think my dog bone is fckd, the rubber part popes out that connects to the oil pan
    46074 ·
    Sup Chris, I got em for 300 shipped but that was a while ago they got expensive since then. But it took me some time to find em because everyone always jumps on those things like crazy cuz no one wants to mess with the valve train but keep posted on k20a.org & club rsx, they'll eventually come up & make sure u have the cash ready. When I sold mine I sold em for 350 in less than a day. Maybe u mite even wanna try junk yards but my junk yards suck they only have early 90's cars
    PainIs4ThaWeak ·
    Right on.

    Like I said, its still not perfect - even after Vit doing everything he possibly could to resolve it, but its about a 50% improvement. Until we get that new parameter unlocked by the guys over at Hondata, it looks like we'll still have to deal with it somewhat.
    PainIs4ThaWeak ·
    A little update with the light-throttle issue...

    I'm being re-tuned by Vit at the moment, and Vit has confirmed the issue to be due to tuning, and has oh-so-properly deemed it "over run". He's been waiting on Hondata to release a new flashpro version that will include a new variable to correct this "over run" situation.

    Stay tuned, and keep up with the flashpro updates. Hopefully something will come soon.

    On a related note, Vit *HAS* managed to decrease the amount of "over run" that I'm seeing by using another parameter in the current version of FP, but he can only do so much with the "engagement" variable without inducing further "bucking" or "over run"
    Fishstix ·
    I still have it. I'll sell it to you if you want. There is a small hairline crack in it that can be fixed when it's being painted. $200 shipped.
    gtony120 ·
    Hey man I wanted to by your custom intake but looks like you already sold it. I was wondering where you got it from I'm still look ing for one
    KramVT08SI ·
    Hey Chris, check out my build thread I added a couple picures on the last page of the thread of the AC line fitment hope this helps you out. It appears its touching but if you look closely its not. I can try to get a better picture if needed I was in a rush to work this morning haha. I'll also get pics of the vacuum line when I get time too!
    46074 ·
    Hey Chris, btw i just checked out ur link u sent me, the RC clip isn't the right clip, u need a old Delphi clip
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