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  • d87c ·
    Hi so my denso si tacho and denso si speedo arrived.

    put my si tacho in, it lights up, and rpm needle did moved, however, it seems like I can't switch mph/kph using the button,

    furthermore, when I plug denso si speedo, along with denso si tacho, the speedo only work with the turning arrows, center screen which display the speed isn't showing.

    I thought having SI speedo and SI tacho both by denso will work???

    Btw my car is Acura CSX Sedan (Canadian Version or JDM Civic)

    JDMikey09 ·
    Lol damn man isn't that covered by Honda I got a letter last month about it but I already got reaprayed. And yea man go wen tommy or Steve is there they'll hook u up let them know I referred ya and get a free sticker lol
    And I was saying cuz I was gonna head to streetlightz sometime next week
    JDMikey09 ·
    damn really what happened?
    and it was 2500 if you wanna check out the work I can swing by sometime this weekend then we can go to t&l since its down the street lol
    rickyboo ·
    im off of work at 7, so if u could do it or we can meet half ways yeaahhh! just hmu and tell me howmuch broo!
    dvdjels ·
    thanks for getting back to me dude.
    I did get the r18 one and yeah I kinda roughly estimated where I will be drilling
    my only worry now is that the screws won't stay in place and that they will fall out..
    dvdjels ·
    hey bro, I was just reading the skid plate thread from unique modz and noticed that you had an r18 too. Did you end up installing your skid plate? And how did you go about it? Did you have to drill anywhere? Thanks bro
    Drewjitsu ·
    Damn. Mine is maxed. I guess.i was just too low. I raised my rear and now it doesnt hit. Sucks cuz i even liked how low i was.
    Drewjitsu ·
    hey bro. you ever have this issue where your godspeed camber arms hit the chasis when you hit a bump? i have my camber and coils maxed. im guessing im just too low
    JDMikey09 ·
    things you want always come around when you have no mula maybe he will trade for some wheels cuz im pretty sure your car has a mean shoe game :p
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