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  • SoapBoxSi ·
    Did you get an FG2 yet? If so I got some brand new parts for sale. Located not to far from you in the Netherlands. Heres what I got.

    Corsport Short Shifter adapter, Tikico shocks front and rear BNIB, Eibach Pro Kit shocks BNIB, Skunk 2 Throttle Body BNIB, Hondata Flashpro used 1 time. Unlocked, Brand New G.Y. Eagle GT high-Performance All-Season tires. 225/40/18 Flat Black Tenzo DC-5 with All-Season tires with tons of tread left. 2 Recaro Red door inserts BN.
    KMM ·
    It's that time time of year again to get your santa hats on and be merry..
    but it's also time for 8thcivic.com's annual Secret Santa and Im here asking (once again) if you would like to join in on the fun...

    If you said yes then sign up at the link below
    KMM ·
    the fenders are rolled but a camber kit is needed for the front and rear as they both still RUB Back rubs bigtime, was dropped on tien S-terch's but this season he will be on magen coilovers, the drop will be lower the fender might have to be pulled it bit more.

    that lip is totally callapsed onto the fender and there is still clearance issues.

    18r235-40 tires BTW... and at that they are stretched.
    dt07Si ·
    Well it depends on what size tires you run, but if its a 215 or 2215 and you run a little more camber up front and out back you will be fine. You are probably already running more - camber then stock because of the static negative camber induced by lowering the car. You still might want to add a little more, once you do you won't have any rubbing problems at all. Put it this way, I don't rub at all with my setup and my car is driven ever day over 20k+ miles a year. 18x8+35 has been done a lot on out cars it just requires a few minor tweaks to fit without any rubbing issues.
    dt07Si ·
    Definitely! I am running 18x9 +35's w/ a mild stretch on 225/40/18's. I am 2 sets of front camber bolts and rear camber arms, on top of rolled rear qtr. panels and modified front fenders. It is not a wheel size that you can just slap on.
    darkrom ·
    I have the factory all seasons in the front (they used to be on the rear on my old wheels so they are in great condition still)

    And 2 Kumho Extasa RSX or whatever all season crap tires in the rear.

    They are the same size tires though. The OZ's could really use a bigger tire, but only slightly. The guys mounting it said it was still very acceptable and safe it just doesnt look as good as if it was a little bigger.
    ryryninja ·
    what size tire are you going to be running, it should work with some negative camber. You shouldn't need to roll the fenders.
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