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  • k20z3fg2si ·
    Hey man I saw the one thread about your flashpro and I'm having the same issue except hondata told me they can't unlock it. What did you say to them so they would unlock they seem to be very tough to deal with. Thanks
    Anndrew ·
    hello i was wondering if you had any idea about skunk2 pro coilovers, and why they are bouncy and if you have found a way to reduce the shock. i have mine lowered.. the front shocks arent as bad as the rear shocks.. thanks if your able to help
    mattsbobo ·
    Having a 4 door hasn't been all that tough to get used to. It helps that the car's the color I originally wanted. I'm just trying to shake some gremlins out of the car as money permits, so I can get it to where it should be with the parts it's already got. If I had the money and time I'm sure all the little irritating issues would be taken care of, but since I'm "financially challenged" they continue annoy me.
    mattsbobo ·
    Bill's user name was NitrousG35. Sorry I thought you guys used to chat every once in a while when you were both more active on here. You're trying to move the business somewhere else in Spain? I thought you already had the car over there? I bet when it finally makes it over, you'll be the king of all the meets for having a USDM Si. :giggle:
    mattsbobo ·
    Our cars are almost twins (except the major difference in hp). After my FG2 was totalled, I ended up flying out to Mn and buying Bill's Si. :giggle:

    How's Spain treating you? Congrats on making the Grassroots section of HT. :thumb:
    trinxified ·
    hey man.. nice car. lovin it.

    i'm getting wheels with similar specs as yours. 18x8.5 +31 advan rz's...

    how's your fitment working? did you roll/pull fenders? i'm planning to fit my wheels without rolling or fending, and only using camber if ever. i have bc racing coilovers and ings rear camber kit
    TaufiqFA5 ·
    was about to buy the RE30s last week and i googled them on a FA5 and your pic came up, nice man, i normally dont like to copy people and those were my 1st choice guess im going with some Advans, but damn if u plan on selling them, HOLLA AT YA BOI ! lol
    Supa Ninja ·
    I'm doing good, hopefully my heads will be at the shop sone so i can put the motor together. Its almost finals in school, been a little busy with school work lately.
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