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  • quaraong ·
    hey Erin. I have seen a lot of your posts/threads about noise issues with aftermarket stereo system. I did try to search for a solution to my issue but it was a maze out there and I still could not find the right answer. So, I decided to ask you personally. Do you mind helping me out with my issue?
    Here it is: I m using the stock non-premium deck with an aftermarket 4-channel amp. When volume is 0, no noise. But as soon as volume is turned up, there is a constant hissing noise from my front speakers. It seems to keep the same level of loudness regardless of how high the volume is. I m pretty sure its not alternator whine coz it doesnt vary with engine rpm. I already made sure I had a good ground point for my amp ( a sanded-down spot on the metal frame behind the back seats and my 8-gauge ground cable is about 1.5 ft long ). The hissing noise is not that loud and when the music is turned up enough, I cant hear it. However, I just want a quiet environment to listen to low-volume relaxed music sometimes. What do you think I should do to fix this?
    chip007 ·
    Hey Bikini punk I had a question. I have an 06 Honda civic ex wit navi and I'm tryin to upgrade my tweeters I have infinity kappa goin into them and I just wanna keep the original look with keepin the tweeters lookin like the stock tweeter. I was wonder how did you instal yours and If you have other ideas they would be appreicated I just wanna instal my tweeters so bad. Thanks
    ~(ACE)~ ·
    Hi Erin,

    I received my deck, and had a question, I also ordered the dash panel for the GPS unit but it seems that there is a gap between the dash and the deck. I haven't installed it yet, just did a test fit, is there suppose to be some sort of plastic piece to fill up the gap?

    hope you know what i am talking about haha
    pjforbama ·
    Hey just had a quick question for ya. I saw you had your kick panels done and was just curious about having mine done. Did you do them yourself or have someone do it for ya? Thanks!!!
    mightygoose ·
    Hey Erin,

    Your Inbox is full (as stated in the post below)!

    I'm looking for a cost effective foam noise barrier to overlay my Dynamat with. I've heard ensolite was decent, but I thought I should see what your experience told me before I went and bought enough ensolite to layer my cabin. :)

    Also, I've stripped the balanced diff. line outs from the factory head unit and directly soldered some RCA wires to them... Will the BitOne accept this in it's low level inputs, or will I have to run wires into the high level inputs to get the balanced line functionality to work?

    Blackedout ·
    Very nice job on the system, I was looking at your thread. I was thinking of doing A pillar pods, kicks, and an isobaric setup like you have, with 2 15'' Memphis M3s, (Tight squeeze, but they fit in the opening, so its possible) and in the future maybe DC audio. You called it something different, but what I want to ask you is how does it sound? Does it get loud, and have you metered it?
    I'm really interested, and if you can give me any tips, that would be great... Or if you'd do it again that way.

    Your inbox is full, otherwise you'd have this message in a PM. Any insight you can give me would be great.
    mightygoose ·
    Your false floor looks really good! How did you measure the contours of our trunk? Did you take a piece of cardboard and keep trimming it until you had a template for the floor that was a perfect fit?
    k__dam ·

    I've read numerous threads about rms and peak watts. I've came across an amp/sub combo and the specs are 150 watt rms and 300 watt peak for both the amp/sub. So i know they match perfectly, but would it sound good enough?

    Im running a '08 lx with stock everything and wanting to improve it with the amp/sub combo. I listen to mostyl hiphop and rnb music if it helps.

    Heres the link with the specs.

    jethroooo ·
    I want to get a dvd/cd/ipod player for my car with the screen just as big as like the OEM nav. do you know any sites that sell them?
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