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  • hondajoc ·
    thanks bro for all you help i really appreciate it

    so my mods are going to be

    skunk2 76mm
    skunk2 header
    k&n intake ( sri)
    hasport rear mount

    i hope i dont need something else.. :)

    hondajoc ·
    thanks for your help atl si.

    i just got one more, when you buy a new skunk2 header , you dont need to buy some extra stuff for the installation ,like gaskets or something. and a lot of people buy boomba mounts i think is for no the header to rattle or something , but is not a most buy right?

    and between a black si with gold rims , and a white si with gold rims , white si with black rims and , and white si with white rims?
    hondajoc ·
    bro which of these combinations would you like more in a civic si coupe:

    1) red si , black rims

    2) black si , gold rims

    3)black si , black rims
    hondajoc ·
    thanks you very much atl si for your help

    and i said sri because were i live , it rains alot , and what i have heard is that if the CAI gets some water it can damage the motor or something , thats why i was more with the SRI.

    but what SRI could you recommend and what CAI if i change my mind?

    people say that for SRI it would be injen or fujita and for CAI is AEM
    hondajoc ·
    the question 2 was . is that the defouler is only to get rid of th CEL light. and if theres a problem if a install the header with the defouler and have the CEL LIGHT On ,
    hondajoc ·
    thank you ATL Si i really appreciate your help.

    i got 3 more questions ,

    1. an intake (sri) does make difference even if your or not going to use FP?

    2. is there a difference besides the CEL LIGHT that goes off , when you put the defouler into the header? or is just for the light to go off , or can i leave the CEL LIGHT ON if theres any problem?

    3. there can be motor or ecu damage let say in 3 or 4 years if i have the s2 header and the exhaust without the FP ( because like i told you if its just the defouler im not planning on getting the FP ever.)

    thank you very much
    hondajoc ·
    thanks bro for the answer..
    im in a middle of a problem right now , and im not really into headers and all that, i hope u can help me. and sorry for my english im not from US

    I prefer the sound instead of horsepower, i got my Si in central america ,its been there for 2 months now, and it only has the skunk2 76mm. So the problem is where i live there´s no tuner shop or people that can use flashpro and for me is very difficult to use it,so i want to know if i can get the s2 header without flashpro ? it could damage the car with only the defouler ? or even if it doesnt have a defouler and the CEL light is ON? and if it has the defouler and no CEL light it could damage the car ? cause it would be like that forever without the tune of the flashpro.and adding an intake without flashpro theres a difference in hp? and if with the defouler i could get the s2 header is really worth it pairing up with the skunk2 exhaust in terms of sound?

    thank you
    ajrrac ·
    Hey man, just noticed that you are in Georgia. I am actually knew to the area and would like to know if you could point me to a good place where I could both buy and get installed the cat back full race exhaust system?

    Thank you!
    46074 ·
    hwy whats up man i saw that u ditched the FR exhaust and planned on getting a new one, which 3in were u planning on going after if u dont mind me asking
    hondajoc ·
    whats up bro, just got a question

    right now i got my skunk2 76mm on my way. and im thinking on the skunk2 header , just want to know . whats the difference in sound adding the header to the exhaust, its deeper , raspier , louder?
    silverciviclx ·
    hey man, i live in lilburn about 30 minutes from Atlanta. go to any of the meets? like the varsity or wild bills every thursday
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